Even Florida Knows That It's Stupid to Incentivize STEM Degrees by Making Them More Expensive


Lots of talk about increasing STEM in WA, but not a lot of actual increased positions.

At least Florida does what it says.
Engineering degrees are already far more expensive than most degrees, because it's very difficult to finish in 4 years.
Rodney Tom: Stupider than a Florida Republican.
I can't wait to donate to Tom's primary opponent, assuming Tom is still calling himself a Democrat by then.
They should make STEM degrees cheaper. Charge more for the useless poetry therapy and sociology majors.
There are far more scholarships for STEM than there are for other studies, so I'm not particularly worried about them. The real reason people don't study STEM is because it is harder and it hasn't been very accepting of women. STEM programs actively weed out students, in some cases expecting only 25% of freshmen STEM majors to graduate with a STEM degree. The first two years are absolutely brutal with large class sizes, inaccessible professors, curved grading (which is helpful when the average score is a 45%), and courses that only have the purpose of preparing you for future courses. More accessible professors, smaller class sizes, and an environment that is more accepting to women will probably be far more helpful in graduating more STEM majors than any financial incentive. And accepting the fact that a STEM degree probably should take 5 years instead of 4 might also help.
As someone with an engineering degree who has been out of work for nine months, I'm intrigued by this idea that an engineering degree is a "heck of a value." But then I am reminded that my line of work (public infrastructure) requires functional government, as I observe dunderheads like Tom and the assholios in DC.
Michigan already does this. Take that for what it's worth.
As someone with a Computer Science degree from a Florida state university, I'm insulted by your position that Florida is incompetent and backwards. It's a swing state, not a red state. (Rick Scott is an asshole, but that's neither here nor there.)

You know what else Florida does to encourage college degrees? Extensive scholarship programs. As a result of Florida Bright Futures, I'm not saddled with massive student loans.
Dis-incentivize the word wanted here? ... But then, I was a math major so maybe I have that wrong.
We had a good system for a hundred years before Tim Eyman's and Republican's greed started destroying it.