US Students Falling Further Behind in Basic Skills


next-up on The Onion™: "Tyrannically Testing Teachers Teach Teachers to Teach Testing Tryrannically"
Translation: "I'm pushing 50 and I'm at the top pay scale. Please don't give my job to a young person."
OH MY GOD, that's--- what are we talking about?
Not a surprise. On a side note; I always struggle with international student rankings. Obviously we want and need to do the best we can for our kids and have a long way to go in that regard. At the same time it is important to note that a lot of countries don't educated everybody. They cherry-pick the top students to go on to complete the equivalent of high school, and the rest either end their education much earlier or are moved over to other tracks (vocational, etc). If we were only ranking, say, our top 25% or 50% of students we would look pretty good. Keep in mind that probably 30% of the students in any school have zero interest in being there, another 5-10% have serious learning disabilities. The US was built on a universal education model, which is great, and I think a key to our success, but it does not lend itself to statistical comparison with other systems.
That first sentence should read:"Not a surprise that that The Onion Did such a great job at this"-got to typing without finishing my sentence. Also- the text in the crawl at the bottom is always amazing.
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But they're fucking AMERICANS they don't need an education or to be aware. Let the rest of the world suffer through getting an education.
Is the "Total Blackout" reality show advertised before this clip real or The Onion?
If there would be a talk about how only the best of the best could continue studying, I would think of America.
Most of Europe has a social system, meaning that they try to make school affordable for everyone. In most of those places you also have a lot of support systems to help students.