Website Announces New Functionality


All your Privacy is belong to China.
Yeah stuff like this and the annoying game and app invitations is basically why I don't do Facebook any more. It long ago outlived its usefulness.
Oh, come on. Now you can search for people based on the information you already had access to. Making something publicly viewable easier to find is not a breach of privacy.
@3 Well, hey, let Constant and other ignorami have their outrage at something that's been around for awhile now. Also, something completely voluntary.

Zuckerberg's protest/hype notwithstanding, this is not something terribly new (in fact, he's wrong, Google has been working on graph search). This is just FB saying, "yeah, we're doing Big Data too."
When it was a fun networking service for university students you could search for fellow students by political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, dorm, etc. Imagine the outcry today.
#5: The sound of one hand clapping.
@6 the sound of puzzlement at a pointless comment