You Should Sign Up to Give Away Free Books


What if you want to give away e-books?
I'm usually a lurker here, but I swear to Christ Will in Seattle is the dumbest of all dumbshits in the world. It's. always ill-informed, dilatory, and unfunny.

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It was a serious question.
No, it was not a serious question, you dumbshit. A serious question would be: Why are you so aggressively a dumbshit?
It's possible to give away free ebooks, publishers have started doing it more and more with advance review copies. You give away postcards with the book's cover, and on the back is a code that you can redeem for a free copy of the ebook. Probably not exactly in the spirit of World Book Night (needing a computer or ereader is a barrier to access), but not impossible.
I just signed up. Thanks for the tip, Paul! I volunteer weekly at the Salt Lake Road Home family homeless shelter, and I know that the clients there would love to have a free book they don't have to worry about getting back to a library. It was hard to choose my top three choices from those available; there were a lot of good options and it's hard to guess what will be most well received. I hope my application is accepted!
This is cool! Actually, I've already signed up to be a book giver for this year's giveaway, and I'm hoping for some ideas on people/groups to give the books to. I live in a very small community (San Juan Island) so there aren't VA hospitals or places like that where a bunch of non-readers might be found. Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?