Dick's for Breakfast


I don't understand the phrase "leftover Dick's".
Yeah, Dick's and waffle iron in the same sentence makes me uneasy.
This is one of those times that the correct use of an apostrophe really helps. And "Dick's" is just such a correct usage.
I see some stoner burning his house down in the next 24 hrs.
What if you don't have a Dick's? huh? What about that? What am I supposed to do now?!

I have Dick's envy. Thanks a lot...

(I also don't have a waffle iron.)

@5: You could try substituting a fish taco...
Next phase: include a layer of waffle batter and a touch of syrup or honey. DickGriddle?
@5 or fettuccine alfredo from olive garden...
You wish it'd be a heart attack, Constant. It'll probably be diabetes, and that takes you good and slow, starting first with your dignity. When you're riding the motorized scooter to get your Dickburger, how will you feel then, huh? HUH?!
@6 gross. @8 really gross.

Also; I bet Vagina's burgers are better anyways...time to go find and/or start this franchise...
@9, I dunno about Paul, but I'd feel a lot better about if there was a protected motorized scooterway. People always get pissed off when I whirr down the bike lane.

@10, are you familiar with the Pink Taco chain in LA? Yes, really.
When I got back from Mexico my heart rate on the climber was 80. Now it is back up to 97 (resting, beginning of workout).

Don't know what causes the change, but I bought a six of Pacifico Clara to try and replicate the benefits.
@9 i once drank at a bar in Baja California called "The Bearded Clam". Not sure how that would fit in a waffle...
@11, @13 Thanks...but, who am I kidding, there is probably NO substitute for Dick's!
There's a Bearded Clam bar down in the Ozarks, near Branson as well. Imagine seeing your grandmother wearing a "Bearded Clam Charity Fun Run" t-shirt when you go visit. Awkward.
Dick's jokes never get old.
@16, go eat a bag of Dick's.

Whoa, you're right!
I hope that scooter is properly equipped with a white light on the front and a red one on the back, Fnarf. May I also suggest some airplane landing gear and retractable spikes for the side?
Quite frankly I am shocked that some transplant hasn't barged into this comment thread to tell us how shitty Dick's is.