"Oregon Man Allegedly Tattooed His Name Near Underage Girl's Vagina"?!?


So he was marking his territory. Got a problem with that? I guess since she was underage, he should've made it a henna tattoo, huh?
The Seattle Pulp piece referred to it as the "bathing suit area." Which I think is clearer. Because yeah, near vagina relative to what?
He tattooed his name on his victim? So he's creep and a dumbass. It's like the crook who tried to run from police but was wearing those shoes that light up every time you take a step.
I question whether she was a "victim." She was 15 fer chrissakes, the little vixen. But the permanent tattoos went a little far, I'd have to say.
I think "near her vagina" is plenty of information. What, you want pictures?
@5 Maybe she was allowing for the possibility that he tattooed his name on someone else's arm, while she was standing right next to it. You have to watch out for Huffington's headlines.
#5, are you offering?

Sounds like he had a mental age of 14.

maybe he'll wise up and do it inside the vagina next time
Check out his photo. Yikes! Maybe he should move to Seattle and run for mayor!
Speaking of questionable tattoos, how would you like to make love to the baseball player who has a large tattoo of his grandparents on his chest?



I got a tattoo once.

It was done in invisible ink.

Eventually I had it removed.

(And if Steven Wright or Jake Johannsen didn't say that at some time, somewhere, I'll eat my shoe!)
Steven Wright and Jake Johannsen typically say things that are funny. So start chompin.
@11 - This is actually good for a portrait tattoo (which often turn out pretty awful), though it could have incorporated the nipple more creatively.
And what does "NEAR HER VAGINA" even mean?

That's actually a street, it's called "NEAR HER VAGINA", sort of the way Seattle Times headline writers say that somebody was shot in West Seattle.
Pimps brand their girls all the time. Usually it's above the waist...
All I can think of is 'OUCH!'. I just had a new tat all over my left chest and can't imagine the pain going somewhere with even more sensitive skin...
From the article:
'The victim told police that she had never revealed her true age to Rader. However, Oregon law states the fact that a "defendant did not know the child's age or... reasonably believed the child to be older than the age of 16" is not a viable defense for rape.'

I agree that adults bear some responsibility to verify that they are not attempting to have sex with people who can not give meaningful consent, but if she tricked him, that is a shitty way to become a convicted rapist.
@6 "You have to watch out for Huffington's headlines."

...and their illustrations.

In the side bar, they have a set of tits that I sincerely doubt belong to Donna Lange, a 51-year-old woman from Everett, linking to that story.