Editor-in-chief Mike Seely announces over on the Daily Weekly:

It is with a heavy heart, fond memories, and unflinching optimism that I announce my resignation from my post as Seattle Weekly's editor in chief. My last day with the paper will be January 31, at which point I will move north (professionally) to Ballard to edit a worldwide subscriber-based commercial radio wire service for a thriving local company called ReelWorld.

To immediately defuse the sort of conspiracy theories which usually arise when a top manager leaves in the immediate wake of a paper's ownership change: No, I was not forced out, fired or asked to leave by Seattle Weekly's new owners, Sound Publishing.

I have e-mails/calls in to Mike Seely and Sound Publishing to find out who will be taking over as editor-in-chief and if Seattle Weekly readers should expect any more editorial shake-ups. I'll update when I hear back.

UPDATE at 1:50 p.m.: Mike Seely replied to my questions:

replacement is TBD. i won't be editing radio jingles. that's reelworld's bread and butter, but they offer other services to client stations. the one i'll be working on is a news feed for commercial radio stations which provides them with content to discuss on the air between songs and suggests ways to discuss that content. sort of a radio producer's role in other words, but for hundreds of stations instead of one.

no other changes imminent that i'm aware of. here's current mast for size of staff.