Funny story. I was reading the column from a couple weeks ago ("An After-Christmas Miracle") and you posted a NSFW link at the end of the column for a product called the "ass-tunnel." So of course, I needed to see this.

Let me run you through the next couple minutes: "Oh, there's a video?!" Click. Hot. As a straight woman, I know I'm not alone in enjoying gay porn. And it was deliciously kinky D/s gay sex. But, wait... "Holy shit! I know that guy!" Not the "macho" top. The bottom. The one being peed in. Forever. On the internet. He was a good friend of mine in college.

And my reaction? Five years ago I would've been grossed out a little and immediately begun slut shaming him in my internal monologue. But now? Double hot. I closed the bedroom door and enjoyed the video some more!

So thanks for helping me to change that old internal monologue and kill some of those double standards. And thanks for inadvertently hammering home your message about staying away from putting porn online if it could possibly ruin your life. I'll be staying away from posting my own. The internet is a surprisingly small world.

I don't figure this is something you'll be sharing in the column but figured you'd get a kick out of it!

Not Safe For Me

Thanks for sharing, NSFM, and a bonus SLLOTD after the jump...


Apropos your recent advice on the "Savage Lovecast" the 19-year-old guy considering whether to appear in porn, this story is making the rounds today. Your advice was sound, though it’s a sad commentary on all of us that things are like this.

Porn Anally Stigmatizes Teacher's Situation

God, I hate it when the Nancy Graces of the world win. Americans consume porn by the gigaload but anyone who appears in porn is 1. condemned for appearing in porn and 2. condemned when they stop appearing in porn and attempt to go into some other line of work. Because porn is evil and it's bad and you shouldn't make porn—but once you've started making porn, well, you're not allowed to stop.

It's infuriating.

And it's why, despite my comfort with porn (I invited a porn star over for cookies and champagne on Christmas Day), I discourage people who are young and/or unsure of what they want to do when they grow up from making porn either professionally or for kicks. That goes quadruple for people who are, want to be, or could see themselves one day becoming teachers, like the 19-year-old student who called the podcast or the woman in the story you mentioned, PASTS.

And for the sake of your bottom friend who's getting peed in forever on the Internet, NSFM, I hope he's either working in a field where no one cares that he's getting peed in forever on the Internet or that his trust fund is just as big and fat as his cock.