The War on Unions Just Got More Serious


Republicans are also going to keep trying to make it harder for city folk, students and minorities to vote. Where I now live in VA there were places where folks had to wait in lines for five hours in order to vote.

Of course in the suburbs and in the rural areas there were no lines.

Also, Republicans are trying to change how electoral votes are divided. In states like CA they have been trying to make it so electoral votes are divided up by Congressional district as opposed to how it is now, when the winner of CA as a whole takes all the votes.

Of course in Texas they want to keep it as it is now.

They know that there time as a national party is running out and they need to make big permanent changes quick before they are completely out of power on the national level.
Anti-union laws are the only area in which Republicans have been successful pretty much around the country

That's because unions truly are a mixed bag. Perhaps the democrats should co-opt national sentiment and push for reforms - e.g., prohibit union contracts that hamper employers abilities to promote/demote employees based on merit. Something like that would greatly improve the quality of policing in Seattle.
The Boston Tea Party was against labor unions? I thought it was against a large corporation and empire...

Is this the history being taught in Arizona now?
Unions built the middle class. Teabaggers seek to destroy the middle class for their rich benefactors.
Great. When are the Stranger writers going to unionize? Or has Tim Keck convinced you that it's in your own best interest not to do so?
@2 "That's because unions truly are a mixed bag."

Employers are truly a mixed bag. So?
All the more reason we desperately need universal healthcare in this country. Given enough time, employers (save the really great ones) won't offer any benefits at all, not even the pittance so many receive now.
Unions need strength in numbers. Time The Stranger unionizes itself to help the cause, don't you think?
Not all those measures have succeeded. Anti-union organizations in California put up initiatives to ban union political contributions just about every election for the past 15-20 years. Not one of those initiatives has passed, despite non-union voters supporting the measure 2-to-1.
Unions are the Enemy of American Prosperity.