Here's the RCW for Legal Marijuana


I don't like 69.50.445 at all. "In view of the general public," does that mean I can't stand by a window with my marijuanas?
I have issues with rcw 69.50.505 concerning property seizure. It does not clearly identify licensed producers complying with state law shall be subject to seizure for any reason.

I also have a problem with rcw. 69.50.203 subjugating state aw to federal law and international treaty. Not excluding weed from this provides the Feds to use the excuse of, oh well we signed a treaty in 1961..
@1 - Pretty much, yes.
Penalty seems to be $50, if I'm reading it correctly. Meh ~ I doubt this will be enforced with any kind of zeal.
Also, it appears that this is the *new* sections, and that the amended sections have yet to be updated by the state.
Never mind me, I now see that there are two definitions section -- one for the old, and one for the definitions as amended. I much prefer the latter.