Manti Te’o Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment


Wow, wasn't prepared for the surprise Butt Chugging. What did that have to do with the story?
I think the thing that puzzles me most is the fact that so many respectable news organizations just kept repeating the story as fact without checking it out. He made a chump of so many people.
Remember Manti Te'o is the victim of the hoax.

He was the victim when he and his dad said the fake girlfriend would visit them in person in Hawaii. He was the victim when he said he spent nights on the phone with the fake girlfriend. He was the victim when he didn't attend the funeral for some reason of his fake girlfriend.

Wonder how all this business is going to effect his career. It could all die down long before he starts, but at the very least this story makes him a bit of a wildcard.
@4 Not as badly as playing like a fuckin' middle schooler in his last game, his only one against a truly top notch opponent. He was badly outclassed. He's been exposed as a fraud in more ways than one.