A blogger and columnist who covers the medical marijuana industry, and who opposed a pot legalization initiative last fall, has reportedly encountered trouble with the law in the same week that his gigs were divided under separate ownership. Police reportedly arrested Steve Elliott on domestic violence charges, according to marijuana news site CelebStoner (which provides detail). He was reportedly "booked at 8 pm at Kitsap County Jail in Washington on Friday. He was released on $5,000 bond Wednesday night."

Elliott says by e-mail, "I have no comment on the CelebStoner piece."

Elliott works for Village Voice Media, which owns his Toke of the Town blog. But he also writes a "Toke Signals" column with gushing pieces about medical pot dispensaries for Seattle Weekly, owned by Village Voice Media until last week. It sold the newspaper Sound Publishing, which says it has no plans to change the paper's format. Now Elliott—who's something of a child of a media divorce—says, "my column will continue in the Weekly."