When the Democrats kick you out of their caucus, that's when:

Looks like Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon arent welcome round these parts anymore.
  • Washington Senate Democratic Caucus
  • Looks like Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon aren't welcome 'round these parts anymore.

I stumbled on this while collecting biographical data on our state lawmakers: The official web pages for Senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon are no longer being served from the web site of the Washington Senate Democratic Caucus. Instead, the two have a new Majority Coalition Caucus web site to themselves, while the other 23 members of their "coalition"—Republicans all—continue to have their web pages served from the Washington State Senate Republican Caucus web site.

I suppose one could make a semantic argument for identifying Tom and Sheldon as "Independents" (although we all know that they are really Republicans), but when the Democratic caucus denies that you are a Democrat, you're not, simple as that. And our media is doing the public a disservice by continuing to misidentify Tom and Sheldon as such.