City Council Seeks Divisive Strategist to Foment Petty Drama with the Mayor



Remember, 90 percent of what the Council does is zoning, and most of that is by a 9-0 vote. That's where they give away property to rich people, who then don't pay taxes, which creates a budget deficit.
So for whom in Seattle city government does Mr Holder hold his excessive vitriol in abate? whom do you love, Dominic? O'Brien?--the original mini-me? Better run for office yourself with the choices your hate leaves you.
Dominic, please wipe McGinn's spluge off your lips before you sit down at the keyboard.
Dominic, the Council's Communications Director works for the Council, not for Mayor McGinn. It's that person's JOB to push the opinions of the Councilmembers, alas often at the expense of the mayor.

Mayor McGinn has his own equally-well-paid staff of spinmeisters.
meow! someone didn't get their catnip today! Grow up Don - the job is to promote the Councils' interest not undermine the Mayor - the Mayor does a good job on his one needs to help!
You really are an immature jackass. Why don't you ask your dad for some advice?
McCheese is a terrible mayor at best. I don't understand why you champion this snake. He only takes care of North Seattle. Just stop. He kowtows to anyone that fills his political coffers with money just like every other politician. The only difference is that he wouldn't care if South Seattle burned to the ground. Thanks for the excellent police chief, Mayor McDouche!