How Come Poets Don't Mess with Twitter More? A Conversation with Greg Bem


I'm a particular fan of @brendlewhat.

"why do we have to learn about american exceptionalism if it's already woven into the fabric of our existence from birth?? #stupid #boring"
Speaking of spontaneous poetry, (almost) every Monday night, at 11 PST, you can find new entries by the (not at all) Japanese Masters of #hamburgerhabithaiku.
This post reads like a brilliant parody of itself. For a moment, I thought I was reading McSweeney's.
@3, I will always cherish
I emailed Greg and asked if I could ask him some questions over gchat about his tweet poem things, including whether he had any better ideas for what to call these... things... other than "Tweet Poem Things." He answered my questions while riding light rail.