How Dare Obama Portray People Who Shoot Dozens of People as Insane!


Step One: Defund social support systems for poor people, including mental health and healthcare.

Step Two: As safety nets erode convince demoralized populace violent criminal conspiracies are everywhere even in our top institutions.

Step Three: Sell those people guns.

Step four: Blame inevitable bloodbath on "crazy people." Sell more guns.

Step five: (repeat step two)
"And after they've convinced everyone we're crazy it will be child's play to break into our homes under cover of darkness, drain our blood and replace it with chemicals, and implant monitoring chips inside our teeth! Don't you see what's happening? DON'T YOU?!?"
Bryan Fischer, if the shoe fits . . . .
Read up gun nuts. This is who you are.…
I wouldn't say the title of the post is a fair characterization of what this loon is saying, but it's certainly closer to the truth (and sanity) than the conclusions he's drawing from Obama's executive orders.
I say dickless lunatic when the microphones are off. Gun nut is for polite company.
Soldiers sometimes shoot dozens of people. Police might, too. Just sayin'