If you don't get NBC, which is supposedly broadcasting three games back-to-back tomorrow, and if you can't make it to the Angry Beaver, which will surely be showing hockey tomorrow, then you could always sign up for NHL's Game Center which is only $50 this year, due to the shortened season.

$50 for almost any game you could ever want to watch! (Some blackouts happen in the playoffs, if a game is being shown on cable in your specific market, which is lame, but even then $50 is still a good deal because then you can watch the games on any computer—even your phone! Just don't cheer or boo on the bus... which I've done.)

Now it's time to talk hockey! How do you feel about your team this year? What are your predictions for the playoffs? I am still mad that Jordin Tootoo is a Red Wing. While Luongo's still with the Canucks (for now), Ryan Kessler is out! He hurt his back diving. Will that fuck up their chances? Will Luongo even play? I miss Ryan Suter already.