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Drag, the Craigslist post has been deleted. As a lifelong Mexican, who even knows a few words of Spanish to drop into conversation, I am bereft at the loss of this great opportunity.
I know they are both south of capitol hill but Burien and Tacoma are actually two different places in two different counties.
Pack up the kids, ma. We're going to a pro-gun rally. Can you imagine what it will be like if somebody's gun goes off accidentally at this meeting of gun toters?
If you're not going to eat it, and it's not trying to eat you, you should not be shooting it. I'd like an executive order along those lines, please, Mr President.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Bruce Dixon ( had an interesting article recently on the extremely high telecom charges and kickbacks from the exploited and captive prison client population.

Interesting to note the connections between the privatization of prisons, the Blackstone Group and the original owner of AT&T (and still the owner???), David Rockefeller.

The Blackstone Group was founded by David Rockefeller protégé, Peter G. Peterson (and with the help of Rockefeller seed money, no doubt), and Blackstone Group has been an investor in Corrections Corporation of America, one of the major prison privatizers.

Let us not forget that it was Sen. Jay Rockefeller who led the way in the US Senate to grant, retroactively, blanket immunity to AT&T and the telecoms regarding that warrantless wiretapping during the Bush administration.

And digging even deeper, the several times the topic of warrantless wiretapping went national, appearing on the front pages of USA Today and similarly wide-coverage newspapers, Spanish-language radio stations organized national immigration-rights marches, conveniently kicking that warrantless wiretapping topic off the front pages and out of sight, out of mind.

The owner, at that time, of those Spanish-language radio stations?

The Blackstone Group, of course!

Russ Baker, the investigative journalist and author of the most excellent book on the multi-generational Bush family (“Family of Secrets”), has often mentioned at his site ( that many thousands of documents covering President Kennedy’s assassination are still needlessly classified and should be immediately declassified.

Equally curious, is the fact that the majority of TNEC study documents (Temporary National Economic Committee) detailing the concentration of ownership of corporations by the top banks are still classified to this very day.

The outcome of that study in the 1940s was the lawsuit brought against the top banks by the US government (United States v. Morgan et al.), which eventually was quashed during the Eisenhower administration. That lawsuit alleged a conspiracy by the banks, dating back to 1915, covering both concentration of ownership and manipulation in the creation and sale of securities, etc.

Now wouldn’t it be most interesting to find that many of the facts one might learn about, in both those JFK assassination documents, and the TNEC study, corresponded and correlated?

When one researches the supposed break up of Rockefeller’s old oil monopoly Standard Oil (today called ExxonMobil), one finds no financial evidence pertaining to a break up, but instead finds much financial evidence of no dissolution ever occurring: with each new oil company spun off from Standard Oil, stock ownership would be shifted to a holding company, which in turn was “owned” by a Rockefeller-owned or affiliated foundation and/or trust.

Be interesting to learn if the same applied to the “break up” of AT&T, which was reconstituted, or back to their original corporate structure, in the past decade, thanks in part to Bill Clinton’s signing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

With all this specious talk of “entitlement programs,” which is a term purposely misapplied most of the time, it is important to understand what the ultimate entitlement program is --- the entitlement to “create money” --- that monopoly which is held by the banks, owned by the super-rich, although constitutionally only allowed to the US government. (That constitutional right, by the way, was exercised by both Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and we know their historical outcomes!)

Before the super-rich bought up the majority of news outlets, they were referred to as the "Robber Barons" --- now they call them "philanthropists" --- same thing, just different names.

Sources and Notes…

Phone companies made deals with jailers for exclusive access to their prisons and jails in return for lucrative one time kickbacks or a percentage of the gross, along with the occasional campaign or charitable contribution. For the jailers and phone companies it was a classic win-win situation in which everybody at the table got over, except of course prisoners and their families. Researchers attempting to gather information on the actual rates across the country have often been met with non-cooperation on the part of state and local officials reluctant to divulge their manifestly corrupt deals which have constructed this onerous toll booth blocking communication between prisoners and their families.

That year, CCA spun off its real estate operations, Prison Realty Trust, from its correctional management services in a failed move that required a bailout from well-connected private equity firm, The Blackstone Group. The firm brought in Lehman Brothers and Bank of America to lend $350 million in exchange for four seats on the company’s board and 25 percent of company stock.…
This occurred as Prison Realty, struggling to meet its dividend obligations, announced that it had agreed to a restructuring program led by an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group LLC and affiliates of The Blackstone Group. These parties, along with an affiliate of Bank of America, agreed to pump $350 million into Prison Realty, which would cease to be a REIT, and help to expand its credit line.

Recommended Reading:

Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency, by Donald Gibson

Wealth, Power and the Crisis of Laissez Faire Capitalism, by Donald Gibson

The Rich and the Super-Rich, by Ferdinand Lundberg

Weird- I can still see the Craigslist post. Maybe it's cached on my computer. Here was the offending line: "Kitchen help needed. we are looking for an experienced Mexican to help around our kitchen."
@3, Light the Black Cats and dive for cover.