Film writer Andy Spletzer will be reporting from the Sundance Film Festival.

This year's batch of films are full of sex, pornography, and more sex. Amanda Seyfried plays porn star Linda Lovelace in Lovelace; James Franco executive produced Kink, a compassionate look at bondage; Michael Winterbottom (9 Songs) returns to the subject of pornography with The Look of Love, about the man (played by Steve Coogan) who opened London's first "gentleman's club"; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt directs Don Jon's Addiction, a comedy about a porn addict.

But wait, there's more! There are movies about women having affairs with teenagers, and movies about teenagers who decide to have sex with each other. There's a movie that features a suburban lesbian who decides to become a prostitute. And the movie Interior: Leather Bar, co-directed by James Franco (that deviant), imagines what was in the 40 minutes of gay S&M footage that was cut out of the Al Pacino movie Cruising to avoid an X rating.

No wonder the right-wing, Utah-based "think tank" the Sutherland Institute has been up in arms about the festival.

Then again, not EVERY movie is about sex. I happen to be embedded with the entourage of Seattle's own Lynn Shelton, who is premiering her latest, Touchy Feely, about a masseuse who comes to hate human touch, in competition at this year's festival.

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