Vice Presidential Festivities: Watch Justice Sotomayor swear in Uncle Joe this morning.

Woman Found Dead in Tacoma: Tyliah Young, 22, was found in a blackberry patch in an alley with gunshot wounds to the head. She was likely killed a few days before she was found.

Washington's Worst Community Bank: Westsound Bank enjoyed "wild growth" during the real estate bubble but collapsed under the weight of millions of dollars of loans to top executives, speculative real estate, and Russian amateur homebuilders.

Amgen 1, Dialysis Patients 0: The fiscal cliff bill gave special consideration in funding a dialysis drug made by the largest biotech firm in the world. The two-year delay in regulation (the second of its kind) outlined in the bill is expected to cost taxpayers $500 million and will likely continue a trend of overprescription for patients suffering renal failure.

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath? The Chinese government is expected to release new measures to combat pollution in Beijing. Journalists have also been cleared to report smog as smog, rather than fog. The change comes after record particulate levels last week, and a duvet of carcinogenic gray covering the city since Friday.

Thank God for Tectonic Plates: Oh wait, tectonism, like climate change, is devilish. But shifting plates might be Washington's best bet against rising tides.

Guns Before Peanut Butter: Mom allegedly packs guns into son's Batman backpack.

Homeward Bound: Holly the tortoiseshell cat was lost in November at an RV show in Daytona Beach. Somehow, she managed to find her way back to her home in West Palm Beach. Reports the New York Times:

Peter Borchelt, a New York animal behaviorist, wondered if Holly followed the Florida coast by sight or sound, tracking Interstate 95 and deciding to “keep that to the right and keep the ocean to the left.”

Experts think she may also have hitchhiked part of the way.