Gun Nuts: The Total Gun Appreciation Day Toll


i'd love to see this become a daily feature: American Mayhem Today.
Chicago, IL shows up five times here: Why? A high percentage of "government tyranny" here, a lack of mental health facilities, toxic waste in the water, superlax gun laws? Prohibition's been dead for eighty years, right? Did anyone tell Chicago this?
I hope you have success. The Stranger ignores my suggestions, or maybe they're just taking a shit on me. American Mayhem Today has a good reality show ring to it. Good Luck!
there was an anti-obama, pro-gun banner ad in the sidebar of the Stranger home page.

why does the stranger take $ from these kinds of ads? i dont get it.
@2 Correcting myself. "The War on Drugs." To say more would be to call attention to demographics SLOG posters don't like to recognize, like socioeconomic status or criminal status.

"...gang-against-gang shootings, have not been spread evenly across this city. Instead, they have mostly taken place in neighborhoods west and south of Chicago’s gleaming downtown towers.

"There have been 516 murders this year in Chicago, most with guns, and most in a handful of neighborhoods of the city. (2012) There are approximately 11,000 firearms homicides in the US each year."

July 2011, there were 2,707,120 people living in the city of Chicago, estimated. Population estimate for the US is 311,587,816.

19.06085 shootings / 10000 Chicagoans
3.53005 shootings / 10000 Americans nationally

One recent comparison dramatized the danger in Chicago by pointing out that more people have been killed in Chicago this year than the number of American troops killed since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan.

How about St. Louse?
July 2011 pop 318,069
2012 113 homicides
35.5269 homicides per 10000 St Louisans

I bet jobs and education would reduce these homicide statistics. So sad that America's Heartland Cities don't give a shit.
@4: I'm pretty sure the ads are from Google or another 3rd party reseller, not seen by Stranger staff.
My God! The dozens of accidents! Surely we must impinge upon the constitution to stop the anarchy!
@7 I am glad you're back to belittle the deaths of others.
Apparently there is someone celebrating the 2nd amendment tonight on top of Gorditos in greenwood along with some unwilling guests. Hopefully they all go home safe tonight.
Greenwood gun guy arrested. Hostage ok. Details on Phinnywood blog.
I think the important part of this ongoing attention to the domestic and accidental deaths is that it gives lie to the concept of a firearm being self protection. We all know that guns are many times more likely to kill either the owner or the family of the owner than a 'bad guy.' So yeah, making this into a 'thing' that people have a bit more of an opportunity to pay attention to is a good plan. I'd love it to be on a more high profile sort of outlet...Maybe a counter in the corner of a morning paper or some such?
@1 It could also be called the Confirmation Bias thread.

Do bad things sometimes happen involving guns? Of course, any any gun owner would be stupid to deny that. It's a bit country with a lot of people, a lot of guns, and a pretty good number of people who shouldn't have guns for reasons of criminality or stupidity.

We can reduce the negative effects through focusing on the root causes of violence and emphasizing safety to reduce accidents. I would actually be in favor of a mandatory gun safety class/test if it were properly implemented.

Or would could use the Slog model of abstinence only/just say no.
Slate is actually keeping a running total of the gun deaths since Newtown.

Tally as of this morning? 1109 deaths. Sorry, it's now up to 1111.…
@9 and @10 The "2nd Amendment" fan who celebrated either MLK Jr Day or Gun Appreciation Day at N 85th and Greenwood last night has fourteen past criminal charges, about half of them as a juvenile offender, mostly for thefts and robberies, and is ineligible to possess a firearm.

The courts probably keep letting him out until he steals enough to pay off his fines.

@12: but is the sheer volume of "bad things sometimes happening involving guns" in the forefront of the public's mind? i say it is not, and that is a large reason that guns are treated as toys in this country.

i'd be OK with it if there was a category in the daily mayhem recount that noted justified self-defense.
@13: thanks for that link.
List is misleading, its tallying all the gun related incidents that happened that day. The list would make sense if those gun related incidents occurred at gun shows, or gun rallies.

Otherwise, you would easily count the number of murders that occurred on MLK day and come to a similar conclusion that the holiday or its followers support or advocate violence (which clearly they dont).
@17 The list is not misleading, you just missed the point.
Gun Appreciation Day killed more people than Sandy Hook. Way to disprove all your own points, NRA.