Mitt Romney Is Having the Most Awkward Day Ever


Mitt Romney? Who's that?
I booed (along with a million other people on the mall) for Paul Ryan when he came out but if Mitt Romney had been there I think I would have just felt bad for him.
I disagree that this is his most awkward day ever. His M.A.D.E. was the day he conceded to Obama, after believing for months that he was a shoe-in. Or perhaps the day that he had to explain to his backers why he failed to secure the White House. Now THAT had to be awkward (and he made it even more awkward than necessary with his blaming Obama for his loss with "gifts" to poor people and minorities). Today, he is a forgotten, rich, sad old man, who nobody really wanted to vote for anyway, including Republicans.
Weird that he would spend it in California. After railing on our being so Europe and broken all year.
He's going to nail his wife in the car elevator with their show horse watching, that's what his big plans are.
I'm guessing his grandkids, if they're visiting, are getting stoned/naked/fucked at Black's Beach today.
Of course, if he really believed that blacks are equal in the eyes of the Mormon church, there are lots of other things their family could be doing in San Diego today:…
...Recently installed San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who took part in the Freedom Rides in the early days of the civil rights movement, spoke at the 25th annual All People's Celebration at the San Diego Public Market. Beginning in 1961, "freedom riders" rode buses into the South to challenge segregation laws, and they were frequently met with violence by white supremacists...
Well, I was very disturbed to see some guy in a creepy Paul Ryan mask (too soon!) behind Jay Z and Beyonce at one point.
Bring on the Dancing Horses.
Or you can follow @President_Mitt on Twitter, for the LOL's. ;)
Personally speaking, La Jolla in January would be really fucking nice. History is history, but freezing one's balls off to stand more than a thousand feet away from an redundant and unofficial 2nd term inauguration ceremony would probably be a let down.
I think the Most Awkward Day Ever would have been after the election when his son, Tagg, announced that Mitt had never really been interested in being president, anyway. Really? He wasn't interested in being president? How, then, to explain the 6 years he devoted to the task? And how to explain to his friends that he spent millions of dollars of his (and their) own money to run for an office he didn't particularly want to hold to begin with? I know that if I dropped a 7 figure donation Mitt's way and later found out that he wasn't ever really interested in doing the job, I'd be peeved. I might even call him to ask about it.
He'll just fire somebody and feel fine.
@1 Just a name on last month's fishwrapper.
For some strange reason, I just don't care about what RMoney is doing. Ever. So glad he's nowhere near the White House.
@12: However, if it's true and he DIDN'T want to be President, that was a really good way not to do it.
Forward thinking progressives typically exercise caution and introspection when tempted to gloat.
Forward thinking progressives typically exercise wisdom and introspection when tempted to gloat. Please make a note of it.
@17: that sounds like a mnemonic, except there isn't a word ftprecaiwttg.
The real question should be "What is Gay Dude for Romney doing today?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
Wherever GDFR is, I hope they paid him upfront. Romney has a history of stiffing his worker drones.
I had actually forgotten his name.

That doesn't sound too different than how I spent my Monday. The inauguration is boring, and nothing actually happened. Obama was president on Sunday and Tuesday. It's basically just a parade. What was Romney supposed to be doing?
@11: You might be surprised. I was in La Jolla last week when the high temp was 8 degrees cooler than in Pittsburgh.