Pastor Mark Driscoll Might Give You an iPad if You Praise His Book on Amazon


Good luck Stephanie! I hope you win the Holy iPad!
I would suspect that bribing people to review things on Amazon is against their terms of service...
So THAT'S why over half of the reviews were posted in the last 24 hours.
@3 - I'm sure it's pure coincidence that it has received dozens of brief-but-effusive reviews in the last few hours.

The most recent one, at the time of this writing, is my favorite:

iPad mini
This book is probably good. I haven't read it but am hoping by writing this review to win an iPad mini being given away by Pastor Mark. Yes, I'm honest.

I voted it up. I found it very helpful.
@2 from my friends explanation, it would constitute as fraud and there is a chance the product might get purged.
The good, all-knowing pastor also tweeted this today:

@PastorMark: Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know.
Yep, nothing says "I am spiritually fulfilled" like a free iPad mini.
I got a free pizza at Big Mario's every night this week for the most awesome review of Mark's book.

So you've eaten a large pizza every night this week, huh?

Diabeetus Christ, Fatman! Write a few more reviews like that one and you'll be the winner on The Biggest Gainer!
I hope Driscoll also consulted with the church's attorney, to make sure that this contest complies with state law, in each of the states where entries originate. Also the laws of each country from which entries are made. He could end up sued by multiple state attorneys general for contest fraud. Gosh, that would be a shame.
Damn, what Drury wrote rocked very hard indeed. Thanks for linking to it!
What's the name of his new book, "The Profit Driven Life"?

@10 freedom of religion!!!!!!!
Doesn't Dan Savage have another dubious fluid that is begging to be named "Driscoll"?

Too easy. Driscoll already sounds like a biological emission of some kind. Better to name some form of infectious disease after him, preferably one that results in brain rot.
@14 - These neologisms are not to be taken lightly, but I think Driscoll might have it coming.
Wouldn't it be cool if someone could make their membership list public.
crap, i just looked at this on amazon- what's it going to do to my "suggestions"? better shop for dildoes and ass creme "people who viewed this also viewed this"....
I hope Anthony Robinson reads this thread, since he wrote a sickeningly adoring article about one of Mars Hill's pastors in Crosscut recently.
Holy bait and switch batman!
Great review ^_^
If you agree with Drury's review, ie found it to be helpful, you guys should click the 'yes' button at the end of her review. The more yesses her review gets, the closer it appears on the book's main page.
We need to make the connection with all things being Apple being totally gay again.

Somehow we lost that connection a few years back.
And seriously - write the best review of the book and win a free Big Mario's Pizza -….
And if you show up at Driscoll's office after hours, you can win a free blow job. You just have to call him "Jesus" while he's down there.

It's not a sin if he hates himself for doing it, right?
Wait.. What's the link @PastorMark posted?: jesus. to/Wbc1RK ?? Looks like a sly reference to the Westboro Baptist Church, if you ask me! POSEURS!!
14, "Driscoll n. 1. The lathery spray of saliva discharged from a preacher's mouth while preaching zealously."
@27 Works especially well for Brian Brown…
My review:…

"In all my 31 years of confused and misguided drudgery on this planet, I had amassed a plethora of questions, BURNING questions, that could not be answered by my usual musings with parents, peers, and internet searches on the iPad I had not yet won. After viewing Jackie Chan's cinematic masterpiece, 'Who Am I?' I came to realize two things. One; I really wished I had learned martial arts as a child, and two; I had no idea who I was. I mean I recognized myself in the mirror, and I liked what I saw and everything, but who was I on the INSIDE, beneath the stunning good looks and charming personality?

At first I thought the answer lied in material things. I tried drugs, promiscuous sexual relations, exquisite dining, iPads... Sure they were great, and I continue to do them, but there was a hole they didn't fill... Something else I needed to buy. It was as if there was a $13.64 void in my soul, and no one on this planet that had any understanding of it.

That missing bit of consumerism was filled by this book. It taught me how to truly appreciate Mr. Driscoll and his relationship with God. If was as if all my years of sin had been vicariously lifted, and I could finally be at peace knowing that I truly understand His (the author's) burden and sacrifice in giving up so much in his pursuit of genuinely wanting to help people. And by that I mean mostly iPads.

I cannot recommend this book enough. If you've ever had questions such as, "Who do I think I am?", "How can I avoid years of therapy and intense personal reflection?", "Is there a way to win a free iPad on Amazon?", and "What is Mark Driscoll's relationship status?" then this is the book for you. It's found a permanent resting spot on my bookshelf between my treasured copies of 'How to Identify Wood' and 'How to Avoid Huge Ships'. Maybe it will find a place on your shelf too. And then you can understand the inner joy that is Mark Driscoll."
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