SPD Braces for Standoff with MLK Day Marchers


Somebody call a grand jury!
Got any photos? Is it the same barricade they use to keep cars from pulling out from cross-streets?
Yes, because no MLK parade could ever even potentially merit police caution:

@3: Thanks for the news update from New Orleans. It means fuck-all to anyone who lives in Seattle (except for SPD, right?!), but it's helpful to know that you're a big ol' bag o' douche.
@4, that's right, because in New Orleans, the people weren't "celebrating the life of a pacifist." It was some other MLK they were celebrating, probably some violent gangster from the Ninth Ward, who knows. Not "a pacifist" anyway.
@3. Did you read the article? The shooting occurred after the parade and there is no indication there was a connection. The article was about the irony of violence after an event celebrating a pacifist. Jesus.
Of course there was a connection. Are you being willfully obtuse? Just because the parade sponsors didn't plan the violence as part of the festivities, the implication -- and the entire point-- of the article is that the close contiguity of the shooting in both time and distance from the parade implies a connection. Anybody without some weird axe to grind could see that.
@7 - Can you quote the part of the article that you feel implies this connection? I mean, if the connection was truly the "entire point" of the story, it must be implied pretty strongly in there.

I see the fact that this did not occur during the parade, but after it was over.

I see the interview with Ashley Steve, who says:
"It's always something like that going on."
"Can't even just hang out and talk to your friends, you know, and sit down and have fun without something like that going on around here."
This implies to me that this is a constant problem in the neighborhood.

And then there's this:
"I just think that's so sad for them to be doing that, shooting and killing on Martin Luther King Day,"
which sounds to me like a lament that these gangbangers can't take a break from their normal activities even on MLK day.

But please, quote the part of the article that implies that the MLK parade led to this event, or that this event would not have occurred had there not been a parade celebrating MLK.
@7, officials state that the shooting didn't appear to be related to the parade: http://tinyurl.com/at9dy3z

Maybe the officials just have an axe to grind. Did you notice that the teens were standing outside a grocery store? Clearly this is also related to the quinoa controversy.
chav? Council Housed And Violent chav? just asking, you bag of fuck.
I love how civil liberals always remain in disagreements.