Double the Baby Sloth Bears: Woodland Park Zoo was delighted by the birth of a sloth bear in December. But Phinneywood blog reports that it was in fact two baby sloth bears! Zookeepers leave the incredibly tiny babies alone to bond with their mother, so they only discovered the second baby by listening in on vocalization patterns and watching the den webcam. Mama bear Tasha is winning it for the endangered sloth bears of South Asia.

Vintage Capitol Hill Wins and Losses: Capitol Hill Seattle mourns two fashion retailers this beflanneled city let slip through its fingers. In happier news, they point us to an NYT gallery of Seattle looking super-sexy.

Since It's a Little Gross to Leave the House: My Ballard invites us on a tour of a bunch of rain gardens. Ballard is home to more than 180 rain gardens, which aim to replace environmentally unfriendly lawns and even solve wet basement problems. Homeowners who participated in the Seattle Public Utilities RainWise program got an average of $3,500 in rebates and look very content with themselves.

Brats Are Totally Going to Crush Rosebuds: Two of the best junior roller derby teams in the world are about to throw down on Saturday, according to West Seattle Blog. The Galaxy Girls, Seattle Derby Brats' traveling competition team, are ranked #3. This Saturday they take on the Portland Rosebuds, ranked #1, at Southgate Skate Center.

MLK Celebration: Central District News has been covering the MLK Day celebrations today, including inspiring and freedom-ringing photos of big rallies, togetherness in the streets, and children who love civil rights.