Olympus Has Fallen or White House Down: Which President-in-Peril Movie Will You Watch This Year?


I vote for Lord of the Rings: Return of the President.
You should have seen my July 1 2012 YouTube home video. The White House was under attack, and it had a kickass Tchaikovsky soundtrack.
Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Aaron Eckhart, and Channing Tatum...yet I don't see anybody taking their shirts off for long stretches of the movie.

I say waste of celluloid.
Aaron Eckhart, naked please.
Nothing can have worse lines Olympus Has Fallen. And I like movies with Jake Gyllenhall's sister, whatsername.
Dang. I was just getting used to the idea of a black president, and now I have to imagine a white president again.

Too soon.

But isn't it a relief to have a white president again and villains who are Muslimish and Asianish?
One dumb idea, two dumb movies, AND Air Force One sucked
Olympus Has Fallen looks bad ass.
Pretty sure Stephen Segal already made this movie on a boat and Harrison Ford did it on a plane. Besides, and I hate to ruin things with history, the British already did this in the War of 1812. In fact the Executive Mansion was painted white to cover up the fire damage.
Since Magic Mike I can't help liking Tatum Channing, er Channing Tatum, er...On second though fuck people with two last names.

I didn't even notice that. god, that's worse than people with two first names.
It all seems so formulaic, with a tossed salad of firepower, spectacular affects, dynamic love triangles that in the end is not very memorable in the long run.
Ok I hate Directors that take ideas from Authors who have movies in the works, This is doing a great disrespect to Vince Flynn. http://www.vinceflynn.com/Transfer_Of_Po… This book came out way before these writers wrote one sentence, Gerard Butler was one being talked about to play Mitch Rapp, I will see neither of these films. Can you say RIPOFF.

I think I will just stick to reading the books.....they provide a much more authenic expeience.
Fuck em both. Mitch Rapp RULES!!!
I just saw Olympus Has Fallen. My questions: (1) How did the Korean traitors get those guns on the White House roof without anyone knowing it? (2) How did they figure out how to run our computers? (3) Where was the Secret Service way in advance of this event?

I'll bet the White House has already, in real time, thwarted worse attacks than this.