Definition of quixotic: This man is trying to convince his fellow New Zealanders to give up their house cats, because they have ravaged native bird populations. The problem is, New Zealand is the cat-lovingest country in the whole world, with one of every two households owning at least one cat. Here's an infographic from the same site explaining the problem with cats and the problem with giving up cats. I have no doubt that the right thing for New Zealanders to do would be to give up their cats, but I also have no doubt that that will never happen.

So when I think about how Seattle has moved from this whiny anti-bag-ban editorial from 2008 that basically amounted to a temper tantrum...

I don't want to use a cloth bag. I don't want to carry the bag to the store, and I don't want to limit my shopping to the capacity of my bag.

What if I want to buy more? I can pay the 20 cents, but it is a punishment tax, a city-wagging-its-finger-at-me tax: bad, bad, bad.

I don't want the disapproval and I don't want the people in Shoreline, Edmonds, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Renton, Kent and Burien laughing at me for being a sap for the greener-than-thou progressives in Seattle. And I don't want the people who did this to have my 20 cents. a city that has successfully banned bags for a half-year, I feel pretty good about us. The narrative is that Seattle gets so bogged down in process that nothing ever happens. But there is progress. There's pretty much always some small amount of progress in Seattle, no matter how the conservatives on the editorial pages whine about it. That's pretty impressive.

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