After All the Process, There's Some Progress


Did you really just compare the keeping of pets to shopping bags? Really, Paul?

Here's the thing about this problem. Like vegans who insist that the only way to bring about all the environmental improvements and health benefits of reducing meat is to completely and utterly remove it from your diet, this guy seems to propose that the only way to address the problems of bird predation by cats is to get rid of cats entirely. It's a position designed to be controversial and likely disguise the man's actual neurotic hatred of cats, and likely will be immediately taken up by people who have similar neurotic hate, who otherwise don't give a shit about the birds.

The solution, of course, can be had without people needing to give up their cats. The best is just to keep them inside. They can be made to stay inside, although it takes training the owners as much as the cats. They can also have bells placed on collars.
As an indoor cat owner and voluntary cloth bag user, I wish I had some plastic bags to scoop out this litter box.
Clearly the answer is to give birds guns.
i guess the cats out of the bag now
Adapt or die. Poor Moa. But on the bright side, people will be extinct someday, too.
Fuckin' Kiwis totally ripping off The Oatmeal!
As a cat lover whose cats live indoors, I think the NZ guy would be a lot better off partnering with the local humane society to convince cat owners to keep them indoors.
I remember when this book was called Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.
@4 Damn. Should have seen that coming.
What a whiny little boy Bruce Ramsay is.

So where does he shop? Has he been doing his shopping outside of Seattle where there are no bag laws? Does he even live in Seattle?
but MY outdoor cat only kills invasive species.
I looooove the Seattle bag ban. Given that disposable plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly way to carry groceries, it serves as a great symbol of the Seattle "progressive" habit of ignoring the facts in favor of the mere appearance of this or that social benefit.

UK Carrier Bag Report
Just keep the kitties indoors and everything will be fine.
@7 That's EXACTLY what I said when the ban first went into effect. Although, I find doggie poop bags work great as an alternative when you gotta scoop those turds.
Whoops, I meant @2
Bring more than one bag?
Humanity tried this once before…