You'd think that if Fox News would have learned one thing from the 2012 election, it's that they were losing touch with reality. This divorce between the real Barack Obama and the Fox News Barack Obama, the one Clint Eastwood yelled at during the RNC, led to a huge defeat for the Republican Party, and it's eventually going to lead to viewers turning away from Fox News, if they're not careful. I'm not saying they need to become liberals, but Fox News clearly needs to start operating in the real world, rather than trying to create a hyperbolic caricature of the political world for its viewership.

But, no. Instead, we get more shit like this, which was caught by Mediaite:

During an appearance on FBN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight on Tuesday evening, Fox News psychiatric analyst Keith Ablow suggested that President Obama‘s philosophy of greater government power and more restrictive gun control results from his being “abandoned again and again” as a child.

Ablow told Dobbs that he believes the president “hijacked” the Newtown shootings “in order to advance his desire for gun control,” which would include “disempowering the individual” in favor of stricter government rules. The president’s views, Ablow said, come from a childhood that included being “abandoned” by people.

That's not even psychiatry; that's just penny-ante literary criticism.