Barack Obama Hates Guns Because of Daddy Issues, Fox News Shrink Says


or this:

1. he was abandoned by a smart father.
2. he felt pain and exclusion.
3, instead of exploding into rage he channeled this in a more positive direction, and feels empathy for other victims, so he becamse president and has a fucking heart unlike the NRA assholes. And being smart too, he realizes gun controls make sense as england, japan and canada all have better safe death rates than we do; and having confronted his asshole father emotionally, he is no afraid any longer to confront the asshole GOP.
They will never change as long as they are the rating leader among shitty 24 hour cable news networks.
...According to his personal website, his goal is to "go deep" and to "discover what that individual is struggling with." There are a number of ethical concerns regarding this practice. However, Keith Ablow is no longer a member of the American Psychiatric Association, which is the governing body that sets the standards of practice for the field of psychiatry in the United States, and is therefore no longer bound to uphold those standards.

Any physician that is license to practice medicine in a state or in the US Armed Forces can called themselves a "psychiatrist". It doesn't mean they are a good "psychiatrist", If a physician wants to taken seriously as a psychiatrist, they would be board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. (ABPN)
Fox's job is not to report the facts or be in touch with reality. Its job is to make sure they win the ratings, so they make more money. The formula works. If anything, it seems like Fox's goals are harder to reach when reality is injected into their bubble. Their viewers tuned out after Obama won the election, and they didn't watch his 2nd inauguration either.
reality has nothing to do with their mission. they have no reason to change, and won't, likely even if/when they start losing in the ratings. because their mission is reactionary (and not neccessarily GOP) propaganda.
Two letters transposed in your link, @4.

What is much more disturbing for Ablow's credentials isn't his lack of membership with the APA. Any psychiatrist that labelled themselves as "Forensic Psychiatrist" should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Much like Dr. Parker Dietz MD, another "Forensic Psychiatrist", they don't have medical practices where they see and treat patients. "Forensic Psychiatrists" are basically "psychiatrists" that are hired by legal teams to give expert testimony to the side that hires them. Most of the time, their diagnosis are flawed to say the least, much like Dr. Dietz's diagnosis of a paranoid schizophrenic, Andrea Yates at her murder trial.

Ablow is board certified by the ABPN, he has all the qualifications and good standing to call himself a "Psychiatrist" however, his diagnosis of President Obama with Freudian terms, (perhaps with Melanie Klein's ideas as well) should be looked upon as silly and superficial as much on Fox "News".

Btw the way, Fox "News" has another board certified ABPN pundit on their payroll... Dr. Charles Krauthammer..
Opps sorry about that...@3,@7
For years Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow talked about George W. Bush's daddy issues and that didn't help any either. If you want to move voters you have to connect with them on things that matter to them.

Most gun owners are parents with kids in the house. They care more about their kids than their guns. You can connect with that group talking about keeping the non-miltarized guns in their households while reigning in the wacky element with their commando delusions and itchy trigger fingers.

These off-base attacks on Obama's sanity only connect with your AR-15 owning demographic, the ones with 30 round magazines. Loners who dream of being somebody important. They don't have kids. They're a small bloc, and lacking ties to the community, they don't turn out to vote.
Shakespeare must have known there would one day be a Fox News. "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
Oh please. Liberals have used Mitt's "daddy issues" as talking points to explain his reality for years. Liberals embrace Obama's single mother narrative (as they did Clinton's) when it suites them. It's not hard to believe that he'd be fucked up in lots of ways considering his (at least) bizarre family life.
Practicing psychiatrists across the nation just uttered a collective "Shut the f*ck up!" to this clown.
When people talk about "The Individual" as an abstract, glorified concept that exists in opposition to Society, they're really just talking about themselves.
F**ks News et al make staggering tens of millions of dollars doling out this nonsense to their psycho followers living in their fantasy worlds - why in the world would they stop?? Its not like anyone in control is suddenly going to gain some integrity.