Check out these terrific/informative videos from Burt's Bees, where founder Burt Shavitz talks to a queen bee, a drone bee, and some worker bees (all played by Isabella Rossellini). Full of interesting bee facts and cool bee costumes!

Elle magazine has an article about Burt Shavitz and the beauty industry's new interest in bee products:

Shavitz was a trailblazer, not only in his pre-artisanal-Brooklyn-era decision to ditch his media job and live off the land, but also in his instinctual understanding of the value of bees, both for his own and the greater good. Shavitz has been a sort of custodian and de facto publicist for the species. The company has worked tirelessly to call attention to Colony Collapse Disorder, creating the Honeybee Health Improvement Project to fund research grants, taking a stand against pesticide use, and giving every employee a stipend to take beekeeping classes.

Things you can do to help bees:
Plant wildflowers
Buy local honey
Support organic farms.