Required Viewing: "Gospel of Intolerance"


When they've destroyed Uganda, they'll say it was because Ugandans didn't believe. Fools.
Terrific documentary clip, and I look forward to the full length version. Follows on the heels of some excellent work highlighted here last year.
"They'd like"? They are. It just takes decades to get everything into place.

Did you catch the fetus-only woman on Chris Matthews' Hardball, yesterday? Her very first anti-abortion screed started with her stumbling and saying "wife" before correcting herself and saying, "woman". Certainly her mindset is that only married women can get pregnant, and all pregnancies result in a perfectly healthy embryo -> fetus -> child, therefore abortions are only cosmetic murders.

What in her brain would instantly and subconsciously turn to "wife" instead of "woman"?