Commercial real estate broker Charlie Staadecker, whose bid for Seattle mayor suffered a crushing public relations blow when he failed to first clear his intentions with Dominic, has issued "A Simple, Realistic, Three-Point Plan for More Effective Gun Safety" (PDF). His three, simple, realistic points?

  1. Increased Funding for Early Detection of Violence-Prone, Mentally Unstable Individuals
  2. Requirement to Use Locked Containers or Gun Locks for Storage
  3. Require Permits, Waiting Periods, and Background Checks for ALL Firearm Purchases

Can't really argue with any of these points, although the first is really just a vague call to convene a panel to study the problem, and the latter two, as Staadecker acknowledges, would require changes to state law. Still, it's good to see the mayoral race being used to further the debate over gun safety.