Think Progress:

Through June of 2012, renewable energy was right behind natural gas in terms of the most new energy generating capacity being installed in the United States, with wind making up most of the renewables push. And now Business Insider has flagged the numbers for the remainder of the year.
Last week, they reported that wind ultimately pulled ahead of natural gas to become the leading installer of new capacity in 2012, at 10,689 total megawatts.

Those numbers came from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s report on the trends and highlights in U.S. energy for the past year.


The article also points out that though natural gas performs better than wind power overall, wind power is a new technology and so has lots of room to improve and it also produces its energy more efficiently than natural gas (wind power "loses less than one percent of its energy as waste heat, while [natural gas] can lose as much as 54 percent").