More than 300 people are jammed into the Bertha Knight Landes Room at City Hall, and another 200 people are upstairs in the Council Chamber watching the hearing on a television monitor. Plus there are dozens more in the lobby at tonight's event, the liquor board's first Seattle hearing for the rules to regulate a legal marijuana industry (pursuant to Initiative 502 that passed in November). It's not just pot heads... it's damn everyone:


I've never seen this many people at City Hall for anything.

"This has never happened, never been implemented in the world," said Washington State Liquor Control Board chair Sharon Foster, referring to her task of crafting a complete seed-to-joint marijuana industry. She's sitting up front along with the liquor board's other two members, Ruthann Kurose and Chris Marr.

Since so many people are signed up to speak, the board says anyone who uses less than two minutes earns a "brownie point."