J.J. Abrams to Direct the Next Star Wars Movie


This image sums up my state of mind right now.
This couldn't be more wrong.

Super 8 was great, except for the ending. And even that didn't push it into being bad.
I'm very happy with this! Though Affleck would have been a fun choice, Abrams makes some of my favorite popcorners. AND he's proven himself capable of learning from his mistakes (crimes against humanity involving lens flare).
You know, I was watching Star Wars the other day and I thought to myself, "What this franchise needs is more lens flares."
I am so looking forward to Luke and his son climbing cliffs and then having a weenie roast.
Star Wars as envisioned by the guy who brought you Felicity!


Seriously though...Abrams' visual style is really different from the super-slick digital look of the last three movies...which can only be an improvement.

You say "super-slick digital look"; I say "cartoonish". Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.
Super 8 was garbage, but I'm going to blame the script more than the directing. First act was directed pretty well. Unfortunately the rest of his film record isn't very good either, so I'm disappointed.
@8--I was actually thinking "video game-ish" but I think we are on the same page.
@5 LOL!
As long as it gets him away from Star Trek. He tried to Star-Warsify Trek, might as well give him ACTUAL Star Wars to mess with.
Based on the God awful Star Trek it will no doubt go like this:

A bunch of extremely good looking young adults will play the grown children of the original cast but there will be two of them for each original. The will have rejected the expanse of space for a smaller footprint urban setting on the planet of New Yorkus IX.

They will not only be good looking but also be vampires and have rock bands that sell holograms through the "hypernet". While at a party in their space loft, a Death Star full of Old People who want to steal their credits for something they call "a social security turbine" will attack.

The guy with dreadlocks will get killed right away as well as half the beautiful females, leaving mostly white guys who look like male models to bond together.

Then they fight the Social Security turbine and destroy it and take the Old People's jobs and have sex on the Death Star and say things like "WTF does this button does....No waaaay!!!" and CGI goes ape shit.

The end.
Wake me up (from the dead) when Hollywood has an original idea.
Incorrect. Star Trek was fantastic and Super 8 was very very good in spite of its ending.
Abrams has done the Star Trek franchise well with his prequels and I expect him to do the same for Star Wars. The look and feel will be much different than either of the two trilogies (thankfully for the most recent), which works depending how far beyond Episode VI the next one begins (chronologically speaking).

I'm personally happy about this because , shit, you can't do any worse the Episodes I, II and III. Unless Uwe Boll was directing.
Bleah, this reeks of the Brian Singer/Brett Ratner switcheroo on X-Men.

I liked Star Trek. Lens flares baby! Need more lens flares! Star Trek already has time travel as part of its ongoing story so I think the way that the new movie plays with the concept of continuity is inline with the other stories in the series. Time becomes a loop.

The big question with Star Wars is whether they can find a story or not. If they feel the need to reboot the universe it is going to be painful.
I enjoyed both Super 8 and Star Trek. I thought that Super 8 verged too much into the Spielberg sappy teary eyed ending (see E.T. for reference of way too long of shots of kids crying and tears running down cheeks).
I'll wait for the reviews.
None of his movies have been great, ok, but not great. I dont see him cranking out something awesome after spending so many years doing mediocre stuff. At least it wasnt Michael Bay.

Jar Jar Abrams will be his nickname from this point on.