The National Rifle Association just blasted reporters with the results of a recent survey of its members, touting a popular sentiment to deny guns to the mentally ill. Now, if you ask me, all members of NRA must be mentally ill. But copy editor Katie Allison argues, "That's not fair to mentally ill people."

Among other issues, the NRA found members don't want the government to take away all their guns:

Key Findings:

91% of NRA members support laws keeping firearms away from the mentally ill.

92% of NRA members oppose gun confiscation via mandatory buy-back laws.

89% oppose banning semi-automatic firearms, often mistakenly called “assault rifles”.

93% oppose a law requiring gun owners to register with the federal government.

92% oppose a new federal law banning the sale of firearms between private citizens.

The only reason to ask that question—do you think the government should seize all guns?—and promote their reply is if NRA members believe that an actual, potentially real, not-a-parody-of-itself-but-totally-genuine policy is on the horizon to do that. But if they believe in that outlandish scenario, if they actually think that's part of the debate about gun control in America right now, they aren't just mentally ill. They're totally fucking nuts.

More food for thought: Eight percent of NRA members, as Goldy points out, are fine with mandatory confiscation of all the guns in America. "Why the fuck are they in the NRA?" says Goldy.

The full results of their batshit crazy poll are here.