We got an e-mail this afternoon from Christian group One Million Moms. The opening paragraph reads:

There has been some confusion recently in the media and on the Internet concerning One Million Moms, a conservative, Christian group affiliated with American Family Association since 2001. We, One Million Moms, are not affiliated with the group One Million Moms for Gun Control. This is a completely different organization that was newly formed on December 14, 2012. Hopefully this information will clear up any confusion that has been caused since these are two separate entities, and we would never want you misled.

"We would never want you misled." Like the time they told their followers that 666 Park Avenue was cancelled because of the strength of One Million Moms and not because it was a shitty show that nobody watched. Anyway: Trouble in the mom-o-sphere! I'm glad to see a liberal group use this one million moms construction for two reasons. First: You can really find one million moms in America who care about gun control, whereas you probably couldn't find one million moms who have even watched 666 Park Avenue. And second: The more One Million Mom groups there are out there, the less cache the American Family Association group can claim. Quick! Someone start One Million Moms for Hot Buttsex!