US Jobless Claims: At five-year low.

The Second Pot Legalization Forum: Weigh in or just listen to other people talk about how it should be implemented tonight at 6 at City Hall.

Trouble With the Boring Machine: But we were promised no tunnel trouble!

UN Inquiry: Are US covert drone strikes that kill civilians war crimes?

The Voice of Charlie Brown Goes to Jail: For felony counts of making criminal threats (in Charlie Brown's voice?!) and stalking. The sentencing judge used the bwah-bwah-nonsense loudspeaker.

The Tallest Tower in 20 Years in Seattle: To start going up in the fall at Fifth and Columbia.

Also in Architecture: Do you see Spam in the proposed Sodo arena design? It wears the color of sidewalk vomit of a Sunday morning.

15,000 Crocodiles Have Escaped from a Farm: In flooding northern South Africa.

Obama Taps Mary Jo White, a Former Prosecutor, to Head the S.E.C.: Said to be sending a "strong signal" that Wall Street needs reforming. Believe it when you see it.

Seattle Is Having an Essentially Snowless Winter: And probably will continue that way.

The Ten Booker Prize Finalists: The list of authors includes Lydia Davis and Marilynne Robinson.

The Graffiti at the WTC Under Construction in NY: It will soon be covered over.

Carbs: How domesticated were domesticated.

82-Year-Old Bioethicist Says Fat-Shaming Will Work: If only people would start doing it. In a culture like this one, where acceptance of fat is so overwhelming, it's just soooo difficult to know whether shaming would work.

Love Is: Micro-moments of positivity resonance.

Video Hits Twitter: Plus, how to make steak tartare, told in six seconds.