Thursday Morning News


I wonder if people who are so enthusiastic about drone strikes will still be as supportive once the Chinese start blowing Americanized Texan radicals to smithereens in 2026.
Hurry up and open a Pot-R-Us store!
I suggest we start with Michael Moore shaming him on his morbid obesity.
Geez, Jen Jen, of course US jobless claims are at an all-time low, with the longest recorded unemployment ever, such claims can't be temporarily renewed again and again!!!

That should be arithmetically obvious to even the most mentally challenged.

By any chance, Jen, are you a member of the Central Command's domestic propaganda program?…

Online Persona Management Services (creation of the false consensus by CentCom under the NDAA which authorizes domestic propaganda [Please pay attention to her comment on Joseph Alsop, whom she doesn’t mention was the cousin of Kermit Roosevelt, CIA.])
Come on, American culture shames fat people CONSTANTLY!
Said to be sending a "strong signal" that Wall Street needs reforming.

On Brock Obomber's latest nominee to the SEC:…

BANZAI7 BROKEN NEWS--According to an unnamed White House source, at 2:30 Eastern Swindle Time today, this afternoon, shortly hereafter, whereupon, etc., the President will announce the nomination of no-nonsense former organized crime prosecutor Mary Jo White, to be appointed next Chairwoman of the SEC.

Ms "White", who is yet another "white" collar criminal defense partner of yet another well known "white" shoe Wall Street firm, Debevoise & Plimpton, is well known for leading the prosecution of notorious NYC "white shoed" crime boss John "Dapper Don" Gotti pictured below with capo di crappo John Cortizoni.

This at a minimum is sure to send Wall Street some kind of strong signal. White?

And, from commenter, dexter_morgan: Wait, isn't she the one that DEFENDED Ken Lewis, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley's board?

Next thing you know, President Obama will be appointing a guy named Jack Lewcifer to the Treasury --- oh wait, too late . . . .
@1 no, because by then Texas will be a different country, and we in Ecotopia will probably watch it on our holo glasses.
Still, Callahan, a former smoker, argued that public shunning of those who lit up led to plunging rates of cigarette use. People were asked to smoke outside and told directly or indirectly that their “nasty” habit was socially unacceptable.

What a dipshit. Shaming smokers was an attempt to push back against the longstanding cultural belief that smoking makes you look cool. Does this idiot think that our culture lauds the obese?
That's the Booker International Prize, which is different from the Booker Prize. The former is only a few years old, is given every 2 years ,and open to all.

The yearly Booker Prize (which is the one that made Rushdie, Barnes, Ondaatje etc famous) is yearly, only open to writers from the British Commonweath, and had been going on for 40 or so years.

It's time we started enforcing the laws that already exist.

We need a Heavy Hitter, to restore confidence in the market.

Meanwhile the Democratic Party is not done stabbing its own constituency in the back. Silent filibuster lives on.
"Trouble With the Boring Machine: But we were promised no tunnel trouble!"

Yes, it's too bad their quality control standards are so high that they'll catch a one-fifth-inch misalignment. I'm sure it's a harbinger of disaster.
Are "Americanized Texans" free radicals ?
Te'o is on Katie right now. 4:32 eastern time. "After the commercial, we'll hear from Te'o's girlfriend Lenay" (a voicemail, I think).
Lenay calling on her first day of chemo. Blah Blah Blah, "I love you."

Te'o says, "That sounds like a woman, right?"
I have to get back to work. You guys will see it in 3 hours or so. Te'o says it was all a prank by that friend of his. Katie keeps calling him a liar because he missed all these oportunities to either see her and confirm her existence, and then later when he knew "Lenay" was lying he perpetuated the lie for months.
I'm just confused now.