A Little Change to the Senate Filibuster Rules


And this is why people don't join the Democratic Party in droves.
So, the only way Obama can avoid being a lame duck now is leading by executive order? That blows.
Total lameness by the Dems, who are unable to deal with the certainty that eventually the GOP will have the Senate majority and an unwillingness to deal with the "old style" filibuster where you had to bust your ass publicly to block something. Fuck Harry Reid.
This news, followed one day later by the news that a federal appeals panel has ruled unconstitutional Obama's recess appointment of three people to the Labor Relations Board. Good luck getting them confirmed by the next Senate. Essentially, we no longer have a Labor Relations Board, thanks to Republican opposition.
Same probably holds true for Obama's recess appointment to the Consumer Protection Bureau (now up for Senate confirmation) — all his actions over the past year are probably invalid and likely to be rescinded.
Reid wiffled this one.
but yertle the turtle promised reid they wouldn't be such petulant dicks this time. so expect lots to get done. we may even see some departments get directors in a few years!
Eh, baby step in the right direction is still better than nothing. At least they're willing to admit it's a problem.