China Daily:

China's GDP for the first time passed $8 trillion, or about 55 percent the size of the US economy, after the world's second-largest economy struggled to speed up growth in the fourth quarter.
Based on yearly growth of 7.8 percent, the government announced on Friday that the country's 2012 GDP was 51.9 trillion yuan ($8.28 trillion).
GDP grew 7.9 percent in the final quarter, compared with 7.4 percent in the third and 7.6 percent in the second.
China's growth continued to be the highest among leading world economies, although it was its slowest in 13 years.
Japan's GDP is $5.8 Trillion. The world's GDP is $70 trillion. As for the deritives market, it's valued at $700 trillion.
$700 trillion is more than 10 times the GDP of the entire world and equivalent to $100,000 for each of the 7 billion inhabitants of our planet.


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