France Orders Twitter: To help identify racists. Homophobes also under discussion.

France Wants to Outlaw the Word "Hashtag": In favor of a French term.

French Stench Enters England: Eggy.

Mais Non!: The 520 ramps to nowhere are finally coming down.

Bienvenue: Musical chairs at the White House, including new Chief of Staff.

Les Mis: Clashes still, two years later in Egypt.

Mon Dieu: "Woman Is 20 But Looks Like A Toddler."

MON DIEU: Tina Turner becoming Swiss citizen, giving up US status.

Zut: Trees from the eighth century speak of the earth being zapped.

C'est la vie: Women are already badass soldiers, but thanks for noticing.

Allez Team: Students with disabilities must have chances at sports, Ed Dept orders.

Ooh La La: Intimate JFK memorabilia up for auction.

Bof: There's a new strain of the puky virus.

Non, je ne regrette rien: "Man pleads guilty to reckless driving for sex."

Ce n’est pas moi!: Bloomberg's ranking of the world's richest people.

Pamplemousse: What a word.