Republican Bill Would Outlaw All Abortion in Washington State


Parental notification can get very dangerous if your parents are the sort to get violent or kick you out should you choose abortion. Even without the other language, this bill is bad news.
Waiver, not waver.
I'm assuming that you are reporting this, because the Democrats we voted for are so stupid that they wouldn't be able to detect this type of political ruse?
What I don't get is why people think 14 or 16 years old is too young to make a decision about whether or not to get an abortion, but old enough to raise a baby.
@3 - She's reporting it because it's outrageous.

I happen to have installed Jailbreak the Patriarchy before coming to slog to test it out. It reads as impossible legislating men to tell them what they are allowed to do.
@3 It might, just might, be because when Dems rightfully shut this down, Republicans will try to claim that Dems wouldn't even work with them on parental notification of abortions, which still has popularity on its side (as sad as that is) and the public should be aware of the real reason it lost.

Even though it likely would get struck down on just the informing piece alone.
Oh HELL no.
This is the sort of crap that needs to be reported on every news station in Washington State, as reported by Planned Parenthood.
is this what its like to live in a red state? jesus can we get these pig fuckers out of the senete yet?
The bill also calls for a monthly report documenting how many 48-hour notices have been issued, as well as "the pregnant woman's age, the number of prior pregnancies and prior abortions of the pregnant woman" to be made available to the public.


Also, thanks for the use of the word "fink" - I do love that.
Earlier I was dreaming of splitting the state, and what an awesome place Western Washington would become. But now I'd just feel bad for the people stuck in Eastern Washington.
Surely none of you at the Stranger were under any illusion that Sen. Benton was anything but a slimy weasel?
This is worse than the Utah abortion laws....
It still holds true: The only good republican is a dead one.
Yes, yes I know my screen avatar is of that hideous piece of shit Reagan (albeit artistically made to look like he had Kaposi's lesions all over his ugly Alzheimer's head stricken face) who should be thankful I never contracted HIV.
again, the dems control the house & the veto pen. why even bother?
It would be cool if new bills had to prove that there was a problem they're attempting to solve. The current law looks like it provides abortion rights to anyone who needs them. What's the problem they're trying to solve?
Republicans continue to try to take us back to the Dark Ages - just like their religion has been doing for hundreds of years.
Mike Padden was a jerk when he was in the legislature before serving as a judge. He is now a jerk off.
A whole new angle on "slip it in."
Let's make a deal. Fundies get to have their little Taliban state but they start paying their own way. Each county gets state funds in proportional to what it contributes, and political refugees (gays, people of color, independent-thinking womenfolk, and everyone else who's sick of creeper Christians), get automatic asylum in the civilized areas. No more welfare for bigots who clearly have too much time on their hands!

The state senators of Bumfuckvilleistan can debate their little culty hearts out and the rest of us can stop giving a fuck.
@ 9 yes red state with a dem governor and a dem house

They know this is their last chance to get abortion up before the SCOTUS before they're finally marginalized culturally and the far right walking dead on the bench die off.
I would think that reporting the health statistics of a patient and then having these facts posted publicly would violate the federal law called HIPA which protects your private health information.
If any Ds in the ledge are reading, I hope they facilitate LOTS of votes on this bill.

Get the Rs (and the D scum -- I'm looking at you, Marco, you fat piece of catholic shit) on record. Their votes will make ready fodder for ads in 2014.

Also too: Sheldon will probably get a pass (Western Bumfuckistan, aka Mason county and 35th Dist), but Shin's constituency (21st LD) should hound him from office.
@23 Someone under 18 or with a legal guardian does not have right to privacy, if the guardian waves that right, which they would do by signing the forms. Apparently they also don't have sovereign control over their own bodies either, but only in one direction - the same people sponsoring this bill would go absolutely batshit if those same parents forced their kid to have an abortion against the daughter's will. I wonder if there is a box to check on the form for that.
Batshit crazy and total Bullshit. Vote these jerks out soon
What K3 said. Also I second Westello's praise for "fink".
Benton needs to go back to his cave.
I'm sure that bill is dead on arrival.
It's time for men 2 have COMPLETE Physical! b4 they get a viagra rx,then have female panel view results & sexual hx prior 2 approval & no insurance accepted!
Why do people in our state keep voting for these GOP candidates who want to roll back the clock on women and minority rights????
Get in the present time. The Supreme Court has ruled. It's time to ban politicians from having anything to do with a woman's rights. It's time to ban politicians.
I can not believe the venom that is coming out on this twitter. This is the first time I have viewed and participated on anything like this before. But, because I so support this legislation that is to be proposed I am participating. For any of you to think that it is OK to kill an unborn person you are mistaken. I don’t think any of you should think it is ok to painfully dismember a small human being. Or worse, to puncture the head of a very much alive baby between 6-9 months gestation and sucking his/her brain out to be sure it is dead before the abortionist pulls the dead baby out. That procedure is called “Partial birth abortion”! Every woman has the right to control her own body; she does not have the right to painfully dismember her child. And are you aware, any girl < 18 has to get permission from her parents to get an aspirin at school, but that it is ok for the school nurse to take her in a car to an abortion mill and violate her body with an abortion that could maim her for life, or worse, kill her. Don’t be so uninformed. I could go on but I have to presume that nothing I say here to enlighten this group of twitters could change you heart or your mind to embrace life and not death. I guess if I could have a rational conversation with one of you, then it has been worth the try.
Why not castrate the male participant in the pregnancy? Start making laws to control the men who helped create the pregnancy. Or maybe automatically castrate men if they register Republican
Do you not understand? Abortion laws allow men to do whatever they want and not have any consequences for their actions when it comes to sexual relations. Abortion laws also give women the power to deny men fatherhood. You can only become a father in this country if the women says you can. It is all up to her and you have no say in the matter. The law even says that a wife can deny her husband any say as to whether she will bear him his child or not, or even tell him that she is pregnant. So you see gentlemen, you have no rights at all to determine if and when you can be a father. As a woman, I think you should be outraged! And by the way, there are countless pro-life Dem's too. This has nothing to do with politics, this is a human rights issue. Everyone should have a right to life! Mar
Don Benton should join the Jihads since he's from the 7th century.
I am in support of Mar. A baby is also human whose right to live should not be deprived of. I am also a woman and it seems to me that the legislation is rather an attempt to protect lives of both the baby and its mother at the same time. Not only killing the baby, abortion is dangerous to the mother too.

A woman has right to decide whether she should have sex, and whether she is ready to bear a child. If she is not ready for the latter, why should she go for the former, when both are connected? A woman has right to refuse sex, doesn't she?

With this legislation, it is more likely that young women will need to develop more self-control and become more responsible people. Isn't this the quality we need for our citizens? Isn't this a kind of people who are more respectable? Aren't we in need of people who, having more mental power to control own behaviour, can lead the state to its betterment?
I am in support of Mar. A baby is also human whose right to live should not be deprive of. I am also a woman and I read the legislation as an attempt to protect lives of both the baby and the mother. Abortion is, not only killing the baby, dangerous to its mother too.

A young woman always has right to decide whether she should have sex, and whether she is ready to bear a child. If she is not ready for the latter, why should she go for the former? Why shouldn't she refuse a man's desire, if he is not going to take any responsibility for his own action?

With the legislation, it is more likely that young women will develop an ability of self-control and become more responsible people. Isn't this a quality we need for our citizens? Aren't these people more respectable? As a natural consequence of mental strength to control own behaviour, they will be more capable of leading their own lives to better and more desirable conditions, and may even be able to lead the state to its betterment. Aren't we in need of this kind of people ? Why lamenting?
What about the baby's right to be born? I bet all of you were prolife before you were born!
Chan you can read the bill hanging upside down from a port crane, but it's still a bill written word for friggin' word by AMERICANS UNITED FOR LIFE- not citizens of Washington state. Koch money, Citizens United, Boehner and GOP all sleep with AUL. Compromises on abortion are not what they want. So spare us, please. We know how to read.
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