The Most Exciting Three Minutes of This Year's Hockey Season (So Far)


Look, readers get that you like hockey, and we are really happy that you have a hobby. But just because you have a hobby and the credentials to log on to Slog doesn't mean you have to pollute it with hockey all the time. You get nearly zero comments. Nobody cares.
I enjoyed it
its a goal and those fans look fruity play on. hey m remember when they used to throw those dead octopus out onto the ice that time i never got what that shit was all about.
Thanks, always great to see hockey on here.
I also enjoyed it.

There's a lot of other stuff on Slog I think is silly or uninteresting @1 but I find a way to move past it.

Go start your own blog if you want to direct content.
The octopus was specific to Detroit playoff runs…
Fuck NHL. Greedy bastards, the lot of them.
I did! I did! My team! That game was full of bizarre penalties which led to a strange and awkward pace at times but the ending was divine... kind of like great sex ( close! almost! yes! no!!! yes!!!!! and yes again!!!!!! or maybe it's just been awhile...)
@7 If you refuse to watch any entertainment produced by greedy must not watch much.
six five @1, I follow Megan's hockey posts. Show me a single one lately that had "nearly zero comments." I'll grant you that the ending of an LA-Edmonton game, however exciting, is probably not Slog-worthy, but most of Megan's hockey posts are, IMHO.

BTW, I saw "LA Kings/Edmonton Oilers" and my brain immediately read "LA Gretzkys/Edmonton Gretzkys."
I can't wait to watch the Rangers come in to beat the living piss out of the Seattle Metropolitans.
And this is why you don't leave until the last horn sounds. What a comeback.
I'm pretty excited to watch the Sabres/Hurricanes game tonight, because if Jason Pominville gets a hat trick, my brother wins $5,500 from the flagship radio station there. I can guarantee in my family at least if Pominville has two goals in the game, the rest of the game will be the most exciting roller coaster of a game for me and my family this season.

Let's go Buffalo!

P.S. Keep the hockey love coming, it's a nice addition to SLOG!
6: thanks, i really never knew about that one. now it makes sense. my brother in law (rangers fan btw) was telling me about the metropolitans the other day and yes the nhl is fucked now too but at least it hasn't changed all that much on the ice the other leagues are just too weird now to watch. its hard to fuck up hockey and the fan base always was small. i think the nba is totally weird now, dudes traveling all over the place and bums. nfl is fucked too and everything is roided out. we all know about ml baseball and that always made me sad too. its all weird. i miss the old days. whatever.
Great fun!

Ignore @1, Seattle loves Hockey!
@11 that would be a killer game to watch.

Throw in some Rainier Beer and Tim Hortons and we've got a party!
I was too busy watching the Sharks come back from a 1-3 deficit to win the game 5-3, against the Coyotes. Holy crap was that third period exciting.

For those of you who don't like the hockey stuff on Slog, why are you here? Slog has lots of other stuff you can read/comment on. There just aren't many forums here that even mention hockey, and there won't be until Seattle gets its own NHL team. So quit griping about hockey Slog posts and just leave us to our fun.
Keep the hockey coming. I love it. I'm going to click on some ads to celebrate Megan's awesome hockey posts.
I'm glad a couple of you mentioned the prospect of Seattle getting its own NHL team. And yes, Joe Szilagyi, "Seattle Metropolitans" has to be the frontrunner name. And unlike the New York Mets, I can't wait to call them the Seattle Metros. And once you've got Seattle Metros, it's a short step to Metrosexuals.

OK, never mind.

Anyway, now that the NHL is back and Gary Bettman has failed to kill the golden goose, and now that the deal to bring the Sonics back to Seattle is taking shape, I'm opening myself to the idea of the NHL coming to Seattle. To me, the NHL in Seattle is such a no-brainer. The only bummer is it's going to have to be through some franchise relocating, and I just hope it's not Phoenix.
And y'know, now that hockey is back, I feel like I can belatedly celebrate the news of the Islanders eventually moving to Brooklyn, to co-locate with the Nets in the gorgeous Barclays Center. When that news first appeared, I just couldn't bring myself to be enthused because it came during the lockout.
@9 Sports are one of the few things run by greedy bastards who have completely priced out a good 60-75% of the public who would like to attend. And, then they throw hissy fits about how little money they make? Fuck them.

Most other greedy fucks aren't throwing hissy fits and doing lockouts. But, you know, that's just my opinion.
I agree, Megan. That was awesome.

@ 1, looks like the joke's on you, doesn't it?

@ 22, what are you talking about? Football and Basketball both had lockouts within the last two years. Baseball is scared to ever push that again, or else they'd have done it the last time, too.
I don't watch hockey so I like these posts. I can get highlights without watching a game or visiting a sports website.
@1 - I guess I was wrong about interest and projected my disinterest to others. My apologies.
I watched that ending as it happened - it was nuts! The Edmonton crowd was SO PISSED about that disallowed goal, chanting "BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!" and throwing garbage on the ice. Then to have the hockey gods make everything right with another goal at 4 seconds left to tie it up (swatted in out of mid-air, mind you), I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be there.

The Sharks comeback was also awesome! Love that Center Ice is free right now!
Nail Yakupov is some kind of Tartar Demi-God.

or a witch.

probably the former.