Joel Connelly reports:

Two legislative districts, entirely in Seattle, provided the victory margin that elected Gov. Jay Inslee and extended Democrats’ 28-year occupancy of the Washington governor’s office, according to Republican nominee and former Attorney General Rob McKenna.

In figures crunched by McKenna and his campaign chief Randy Pepple, the 36th and 434d Districts, covering much of northwest and central Seattle, gave Inslee a combined margin of 97,600 votes as he won statewide by 94,000 vote. Seattle had a bigger voter turnout than Republican-leaning parts of the state.

“It’s really not a King County problem, it’s a Seattle problem . . . his wide margin in those two districts,” McKenna said in an interview. Overall, the Attorney General received just 21 percent of the vote in Washington’s largest city.

Whhhhhaaaaaa. It's a "Seattle problem" that we support gay marriage, we want to legalize marijuana, we support health care reform, and we don't buy into the farcical parade that GOP hack Rob McKenna supports the rights of women. It's not McKenna's fault he takes unpopular, outdated positions, just like it's not the GOP's fault that it lost the presidential election.