Wob McKenna: Angwy About the Theattle Pwoblem


They did try their best to link McKenna to gay marriage and legalized marijuana with those outlandish posters that went up all over Capitol Hill, but I don't think most people bought it.

I first became aware of Jay Inslee at the pride parade in 2011. Throughout 2012 he was at progressive events all over the region. I feel like Inslee went out of his way to be at events for issues I cared about. McKenna didn't.
Yay! I live in the 36th and it delights me that we are the reason McKenna lost. WOOHOO!
I think McKenna lost because of a McKenna problem.
How unfair that a gubernatorial candidate can't win in our state without getting a majority of state residents to vote for them.
I'll never understand a politician saying "I lost because too many people voted for someone else."

Y... yes? You... have an accurate understanding of how democracy operates?

"I lost because too many people disagree with me."
"I lost because not enough people voted for me."
"The other guy won because he was more popular with voters."

No matter how you phrase it, it's still a tautology.
Rob McKenna is a shitty whiner.
79% of seattle voters don't want a republican as governor.

the only problem is that it's not 100%.
A lot of Republicans seems to be under the impression that we vote by the acre instead of by the person.
McKenna; Eastern Washington: "Seattle is terrible; Seattle is bad."

Seattle: "If we didn't exist to make it rain our glorious tax money on your heads, you would all be living like hill tribes, begging for Federal money to even have schools, let alone most of the basic services we underwrite. Should we stop bankrolling you now?"
This thread is full of win.....

.... unlike McKenna ....
Blah. That's a lot of nonsense. It makes sense as analysis only if you see your own constituency as the real voters and everybody else as a special interest group. I won't claim liberals or democrats are immune to this fallacy but GOP types seem particularly prone to it.

This is the same thing as when Republican go on and on about how the Democrats wouldn't stand a chance if it weren't for the "black vote".

Does it not occur to them that they wouldn't have a chance if it weren't for the (insert GOP consituency here) vote? Shouldn't Rob McKenna be relieved because if it weren't for Garfield County, he'd have been skunked even worse?
I'll bet Inslee got at least a total of 97,000 votes east of the Cascades, clearly making this an Eastern WA problem.
We in Seattle pay the taxes.

Whiny Red District whiners spend them like fish.
Crappy lawyer AND a crappy whiner loser. I love Seattle!
I bet Rodney Tom and his pals of the Gerrymandering Old Party are busy right now, moving Seattle to Oregon. Hah, that'll fix the pesky "too many libruls in a blue state" problem.
@12: Are there even 97,000 people total east of the Cascades?

(I kid, I kid, but seriously...)
36th! Woot!
Seattle is simply more important than the rest of the state. We have more people, we generate more revenue, we are the economic and cultural engine that drives the entire state, no two ways about it. The sooner people accept this admittedly harsh truth, the better.
I mean, it's absolutely fair to say that Rob McKenna, or Washington Republicans in general have "a Seattle problem." In order to deal with this problem effectively, one of three things is going to have to occur:

1) Seattle voters will have to change
2) Rob McKenna will have to change
3) A significant proportion of Seattle voters will have to be disenfranchised

#1 isn't going to happen in the next decade or two. Guess which option McKenna is eyeballing.
Just give every county east of the Cascades to Idaho and those folks can have the red state they've always dreamed of.
Thank you, Seattle, for defeating this crybaby loser.
The problem with giving Eastern Washington to Idaho is that 40% of the population is Democrats who don't deserve to be abandoned to the madness of Greater Idaho.

If we're going to split things differently on sensible geographic lines, all the counties ringing Puget Sound or in the Olympic Peninsula should be annexed to British Columbia, and all the counties that are part of the Columbia River watershed (along with the small portion of BC that holds the Columbia) should be a single state, including most of Oregon, all of Idaho, and Western Montana. But politically, that screws the nice people in Portland.
Seattle pays the bills so we pick the King or Queen. SUCK IT RED COUNTIES!!!

Makes you wonder how a Social Progressive / Fiscal Conservative Republican would do. A guy who is for both abortion and guns. And who likes to cut costs but feed poor kids.

It's not a Seattle "problem," it's a Seattle benefit! In other words...that's not a bug; it's a feature.
@24 terrible. Seattle votes, at least with this stuff, are not stupid. Fiscal conservatism doesn't work. Go look how that EU austerity worked out.

Spoiler: terribly.
@24 -- I've been saying this since before Clinton was elected. The problem, as my more astute political friends pointed out, is that such a candidate -- whether running as a "conservative" dem or a "progressive" Repub -- would never survive the primary, where that kind of ideological blurring is not just discouraged, but downright suicidal.
Sounds as if gerrymandering Seattle will be on the Republican agenda for the next few years.
@22 - Portland sucks.
See Josh Marshal yesterday for the larger narrative. The Republican plan is to simply take voting power away from the cities, through redistricting and changes to the Electoral votes. See Virginia this week.

So yeah, this is about to be a Seattle problem. Because the Republicans control your legislature. They can take away your voting power.
@24 Statewide, not as well as a Jon Tester clone D would do, I'll bet. Both parties could play the pro abortion AND guns game.
@15. Damn-you beat me to it.
@8: That is because a lot of Republicans breed uneducated, doomsday-fearing sheeple.
THANK YOU, Seattle, for helping put Governor Jay Inslee over the top to defeat
Angwy Wob McKenna! Take THAT, angwy wed counties----huh huh huh huh huh HUH!
Rob Mckenna, just another whiny bitch in a fancy suit.
@24: "Makes you wonder how a Social Progressive / Fiscal Conservative Republican would do. A guy who is for both abortion and guns. And who likes to cut costs but feed poor kids."

I think one would have to exist first. "Compassionate conservatives" are not socially progressive.
@29--I've lived here all my life and love it. Piss off.
Now, if we could only get rid of Doug Ericson, Benedict Rodney Tom Arnold, Jason Overstreet, Vincent Buys, and Tim Eyman....
@26 I don't know, some Seattle voters had to contribute to the defeat of income taxes (1098) and Eyman initiatives passing.

I can see why one wouldn't support "sin taxes" as regressive but giving Eyman a vote and keeping us out of collecting income from top earners doesn't seem so smart from a fiscal position.

I liked McKenna a lot more (but not that much) before he joined that stupid Obamacare lawsuit. Fuck him for that waste of taxpayer resources all to shore up his TeaPub cred.