Obama Chastised by Federal Appeals Court: Labor relations appointments made while Senate was in recess were deemed unconstitutional, even though Clinton and Bush made the same kind of appointments almost 200 times apiece. The decision not only invalidates Obama's 32 such appointments, it narrows the executive power to bypass an obstinate Senate, gridlocked over even the smallest appointments, to the week or so a year between sessions, and only if the gap arises in that period.

Life Begins at Conception, Bro: Check out the literally thousands of protesters who hate choice.

Are Women People? In other abortion news, the Guardian takes up the age old question.

Violence in Egypt: On the second anniversary of the uprising, police clashed with demonstrators in 12 out of 27 provinces. So far, 450 have been injured. For months, demonstrators have been calling for President Morsi to get the eff out of office for betraying the revolution. The president responded by calling in the army and tweeting for the country to return to peaceful dialogue.

Think Different About Your iStuff: Apple found a bunch of kids working in its factories.

Socialize the Risk, Privatize the Cheddar: Kinder Morgan, a Canadian constructionUS-based energy firm, plans to build an oil pipeline running to the Salish Sea. It would bring 890,000 barrels per day of crude tar sands oil to be exported to Asia. Since the project is too big to insure, taxpayers will bear 90 percent of the cost of any spills around Vancouver and Victoria.

Census Finds Homelessness Is Up: In King County, the homeless population increased five percent over last year. King County is responding by stepping up emergency shelter in addition to building affordable housing. Thurston County has also seen homelessness spike, and sponsored an event where people could got health checkups, immunizations, and haircuts.

This Isn't Nam...There Are Rules: Somebody is advertising for T-Mobile on the high seas in direct violation of the no floating billboards rule.