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Why do I get the impression the ant-choice protesters are paid shills?
Optimist says: If the president cannot make recess appointments then the senate may be forced, or at least far more inclined, to sincerely review the appointments instead of *forcing* the president into the politically undesirable 'recess predicament'.
Original caption for the anti-choice picture: "DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD, BITCH!!!"
Most of the young people are just there because their youth group was going. They'll either get over it, or become like the troll when he gets his panties in a bunch about abortion.

Abortion isn't going anywhere. It's been around since the first woman got pregnant, and it will be around until the last woman has given birth to the last child. All "outlawing" it would do would be to clean up the statistics. Typical simple-minded conservative solution.
That dude on the right has a pretty sweet iron hoodie.
Those anti-choice guys look like date rapists.
"All 'outlawing' it would do would be to clean up the statistics."

And bring back the unsanitary and unsafe procedures of old.
But this has always been more about punishing women than about preventing abortions.
Kinder Morgan is a US firm, with Rich Kinder, former COO of Enron before quitting/leaving in 1996 after a fallout with Ken Lay, bought some major gas pipelines from Enron to start Kinder/Morgan. If it is based in Canada, that is news to me. Its headquarters I believed are in Houston, another major hub for gas pipelines...
Chinese children working in an Apple factory, well sure beats them working in a field of vegetables. It pays better and is cleaner. And really those Chinese kids should know that hipster trendy 20 and 30something Americans buy those neat Apple products they make. Thank you Chinese children for keeping Hipster young Americans hip!
One sure way to stop abortion is to neuter men
The judge in the recess appointments case is a vest-pocket "constitutionalist" who basically thinks regulatory agencies should not exist since they aren't specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and took this case as a way of gutting the NLRB while simultaneously backhanding Obama. Thank you, teabaggers.
@1 because you are trapped in a cultural bubble where the only time you read or hear about people that disagree with you is when they post passive aggressive posts on Facebook or when they are brought out for two minutes of hate.
I wish those guys, Li and Fe, would somehow magically find themselves pregnant. Fist-pumping is easier when it's not your body being legislated.
Dirty little secret... Crude derived from tar sands is denser than water, making it essentially impossible to clean. The industry doesn't have a fucking clue how to clear it up - that's why the spill on the Kalamazoo has taken so has been so incredibly expensive.
Bah, me no am speak English this morning.
+2 for the Lebowski reference.
What's the Lebowski reference?
@17: "this isn't nam, there are rules"
@12 If only that were true...sigh. But you sound pretty passive aggressive yourself. BTW we just had an election where all I heard were the people I disagree with. And, despite cheating and lying, they lost. Is that what's got you down?
@5, I prefer the lithium hoody.

Nothing makes you pro-choice faster than an inconvenient, unplanned pregnancy, amiright? Or a malformed, non-viable fetus (because sometimes shit happens).
I see a crowd of young people who are *more*-likely to have an abortion in the next few years than "damn educated liberals" like myself who know how to use birth control. Like someone said above, it's not about reducing the number of abortions, otherwise idiots such as these would embrace blue-state policies of comprehensive sex education, easy access to birth control (and the morning-after pill*), prenatal care for mothers who want to carry the baby to term, post-natal daycare for young mothers who want to stay in school and comprehensive health care for all families.

*Personally, I'd prefer that an abortion happen as early after fertilization as possible.
@9 thank you for the fact check! Ugh, careful reading can be hard so early in the morning. I'll have a coffee beforehand next time.
I think Goldy, as a shareholder in Apple, owes us an explanation as to why he supports child labor.
@10: I suppose, although it would get kind of lonely. Tell me, are you sharpening blades as we speak?
@12: I dunno, the matching hoodies all of them are wearing sets off red flags.
@20: Somebody honestly tried to argue with me earlier that this was actually about adoption. I asked them to make that their main statement rather than abortion. They blocked me. Boo-hoo.
@25. I wish. It's hard to be against adoption.
ALL your computer stuff is made by little kids. Their fingers are so much more nibble to hook up those little wires
I just pictured a kid licking their little fingers for some reason.

and praise the maker for it.

we hate to think how many more snot nosed Liberals would be running around today if not for abortion.

Despite the mainstream acceptance that the morning after pill prevents implantation, and the looney-tunes antichoicer belief that it's an abortion pill, the morning after pill doesn't prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, it prevents ovulation. There's no evidence to suggest that it prevents implantation better than the woman's uterus, whether or not she's on the pill.


Given the way adoption worked in the days before Roe, I find it easy to be against adoption. Single mothers had their children taken away from them, often with the argument that simply having sex outside of marriage was enough evidence to prove that they were deficient mothers. Then there were the institutions where girls and women were sent to give birth; they were, more often than not, not allowed to so much as see their babies before those babies were handed off to a nice rich couple. That kind of treatment didn't just happen in Ireland in the Magdalene laundries; it happened here in the U.S. too and is a direct result of women's choices not being respected or honored.

Then there's the fact that such antichoice douchebags as Randall Terry became antichoice activists because there was a lack of healthy white babies for them to adopt. Plenty of prospective adoptive parents see themselves as entitled to someone else's child, to the point that the adoption industry in the Third World can be extremely ugly, with children being taken away from their mothers, against the mothers' wishes, to give to rich white Americans.

So, in other words, fuck adoption.
Oh troll, I love it when you engage in sweeping generalizations. Promise me that you'll never lose your childlike view of the world.

It's been my experience that conservative parents, like the Catholic Education System, are absolutely wonderful at creating irreligious liberal adults.

now Cat, don't go confusing the Whore of Babylon with Conservatism.