Seattle Gun Buyback, Today!


And if you don't know how to unload it safely, lock it in your car trunk and let the police deal with it (before swapping it for $100).
It's packed here. Been in the car line on 6th ave for 1.5 hours. A lot of sketchy people on the curb wearing signs, offering cash for guns. Seen a few cars take the cash and bail out of line.
the people that talk about how they need all them to protect themselves from the government are just fucking loony by now, i don't care who you are that shit is dumb. take off the foil cap and sell your guns before you hurt someone. not all gun owners are this way, but alot of them are unfortunately. yes the government is weird but your personal arsenal isn't gonna help matters.
But without guns, how will we make sure our daughters make the honor roll?!!!…
They shut down the car line just now. Just in front of me. Wasted 2 hours in line.
Said FAQ can be found here:
2013 Gun Buyback Operation FAQ
It's over. Waited an hour and was turned away.
Did they run out of cash cards or what? Wasn't it supposed to go until 3pm?
oy, wtf???
Well, if your stuff is functional, some of the other people there might still offer you cash. I know a lot of people that went down to the "city organized gun show", and they're generally willing to spend more than 100 bucks.
They ran out of gift cards early and closed the street to the parking lot. Glad they had such a huge turnout, sorry to wait in line and be turned away.
SPD tweeted a pic of an RPG launcher turned in today. Glad no one sold this on the street.…
So, if you were tired of waiting, or were turned away, you could just sell your guns to one of the convicted felons, fugitives from justice, or adjudicated mentally ill folks hovering around the event?

How's that supposed to help?
Anyone who can access RPG ammunition isn't worried about needing a launcher. Not sure what era that one is. Looks like a stinger?
Yea it is a stinger and a used one at that. To the uneducated it can not be reloaded. It is essentially a cool looking 100 dollar metal tube. Apart from that I would love to thank the city of Seattle for the 7 new handguns and beautiful AkmS-47 Underfolder I walked away with. This event was a joke I happily took advantage of.
No shit, underfolder. Bastard, I'm jealous.
I'm still a little baffled* as to what it is about the gun market that is broken. How come all these eager gun buyers and gun sellers would never have met without this gun buyback?

How is it that offering a fraction of the market value brings out so many guns worth much more? Would that work with iPhones or cars, or is it only guns? And why would that be?

* Or could it be guys on the Internet always lie about guns. Say it isn't so!
...Because (to finish connecting the dots here) if you did in fact score a haul of loot for peanuts at the gun buyback, that would be a good thing for you. You'd want to do it again. You'd be a fool to run straight to the nearest website and brag about it and how stupid the buyback was, and how it was a waste of money. Because what if the money donors and the organizers believed you? They might decide to stop donating money. They might not have another gun buyback. And then no more big scores.

You'd be shooting your self in the foot by shooting your mouth off. Killing the goose that layed the golden egg. Why would you do that? A calculating, greedy bastard who would go to all that time and effort to go profit that way wouldn't say anything to mess up their profit stream.

But would a gun loon who felt vaguely threatened by gun buybacks for totally imaginary reasons make shit up? Mmmmmm yes. They'd make shit up.
there is nothing remotely unconstitutional about a gun buyback and there should be more of them why the fuck not.nothing else going on and ted nuget looks like a tweeker fuck him.
Well said Ph'nqlui, but what upsets me about the buybacks is that I witness timeless and rare firearms such as an amazing colt python, go to make rebar. I am not there to make money, I am there to prevent disarmament of the populace. For every pistol I bought, I was able to convince two others to drive home, buy a lock box, and educate themselves on the safe and responsible use of that firearm. I will keep the AK as I am an fan of Soviet Block technology, but the other firearms I will be donating to my friends or local gun clubs for training and education.
i really was talking about the musician up there there btw. i was not insulting anyone here. ted is rich and famous already f him. he can take it. the dude probably owns a few tanks too, i would if i was him. that would rock.
To all who waited in line in vain.... you should have sold your guns to me, the law abiding citizen standing on the curb. I offered to save you time and give you more (and real) money for your unwanted firearms. For the record there were scores of police in the area, and thugs and criminals aren't interested in transparent and legal transactions. But I guess your right the government will be more responsible with your guns... they won't give them to the mafia in Mexico or anything (yes I'm referring to the fast and furious scandal). Finally I want to thank those who were in the buyback line today who kept an open mind and negotiated or conversated with me. I know we have differing opinions on the second amendment, but I found it refreshing to hold calm logical discussions with you without being met with obscenities or beingignored

You dudes are starting to remind me of a pro-lifers trying to save every fertilized egg. You guys seem to really think each gun is a person, with a right to life. Which is crazy, obviously.

I would guess anybody who you talked to could feel the crazy vibe from ten feet away. Might have been why they didn't want you to have any more guns.

Blame your fellow gun owners. Maybe if the NRA hadn't worked so hard to put a gun into the hands of any fuckhead who wanted one, with no training, no basic requirements for storage, no tracking, then your fellow gun owners would have treated those precious antique firearms with respect. They'd have taken care of them themselves instead of forgetting them in some closet for their widow or whoever to find and cart off to a gun buyback like so much junk.

That's the consequence of this ideology of arming every fucker who comes along. No respect for guns. No sense of duty and responsibility. No interest in even finding out the utility and value of the guns they have. They're treated like cheap plastic kids toys from China.

The disarming of the populace that you fear is the consequence of the irresponsible gun culture you guys have created.
To all you anti gun people who turned in your guns..... One day soon when the American debt ( 16 trillion and climbing) goes into default and the value of the dollar drops to zero, you will wish you had kept that old shotgun or pistol or rifle. When people can't afford to buy food and they go house to house looking for food, you will wish you had more than a broom to protect your loved ones and your food supply. Eventually, after your own family runs out of food, you could've used that evil shotgun or rifle to shoot a few squirrels or geese or ducks so you could have something to eat. I know I will survive because I kept all my firearms. I can protect my garden, my family, my supplies and my house. If I were you I would go beg the Seattle police to sell your gun back to you!!!
The lisping-ignorance in this thread is par for the course I guess. [Lisping on] thhhhis isthhh thhhhhe Sthranger after all... [Lisping off] I thought that Libs were supposed to be tolerant of everyone's views. Guess not.

Read your Constitution people, and understand the case law behind the 2nd Amendment. It is one of those things that protect the 1st Amendment that we ALL hold dear. There is a reason it is in our rule-book.

Guns are not inherently evil, any more than prescription drugs, vehicles, etc. (though the last two are not Constitutionally protected). It is the person (Emphasis on person) using these tools that really matters. All of these examples, when abused, are punishable by our existing laws. No need to take away a Constitutional right for people that have done no wrong...

If people feel better about handing their defensive weapons to the Gubment, fine, it is their property and most Libs have no problem with giving their property to the "Man." But don't then project your simpleton ideas onto the rest of the law-abiding taxpayers who want to be able to defend themselves effectively if and when the need arises (and it does BTW).
Why is anyone against a buy back program?

For anti-gun types, it gets a few guns off the street, and is a low-result, but feel good measure that people love feeling good about.

For pro-gun types, it is a gathering of lots of guns held by people who either do not know the market value, or do not care. What would be a better market for them?

Win/Win, right?
@ 28 - You've got a point. Those folks willing to part with their firearms are probably amongst those without the respect, training or responsibility for proper firearms handling in the first place.

While we could argue that it would be better for them to sell to a competent gun owner it could just as easily be argued that if they are willing to sell at a laughable percentage at a buyback what makes us think they could discern a competent gun owner from a hazardous one?